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Campfire Audio

Campfire Audio - Cascade

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Campfire Audio has been known for its awesome sounding in-ears and it has now carried forward its signature sound to headphones as well. The Cascade has been built by experts and offers a rich bass, clear mids and sparkly highs, not to mention the extremely wide soundstage.

The 42mm Beryllium PVD Drivers let you listen to music in all its glory. You can tune the sound to your preferences with the custom fit acoustic dampeners.

This headphone is durable as well as portable. The headband, joints and pivots are made of stainless steel while the earcups and hanger arms are crafted from cast and machined aluminium. Soft lambskin earpads feel snug and are comfortable for long listening sessions. The Cascade connects to your audio player via its Litz Cable which is covered in a special cloth jacket.


    A Company That Aims for Astronomical Heights

    Campfire Audio started small before growing big, just like a bonfire starts with a small flicker of light. Their aim is to create something special for those who care about their audio the most. Each model in their range has been refined over the years to create what we hear today—including the Cascade.

    Exceptional Sound

    The Cascade has been built over a 3-year period by the world’s best engineers and this has resulted in a rich and well-defined bass, clear uncoloured mids and sparkly extended highs. The super-wide soundstage makes your music come alive and expands beyond the listening space.

    Beryllium PVD Drivers

    Experience every detail with the Cascade’s 42mm dynamic drivers and Beryllium PVD diaphragm. These drivers give a sound not usually found in closed-back headphones. Now, you can enjoy every detail, even ones you haven’t heard before!

    Crafted in Portland

    The Cascade has been designed in Portland, the largest city in Oregon, U.S.A. Each piece is carefully assembled by hand. The handmade construction ensures a superior build due to the attention paid to every detail. Thus, this in-ear is one of the finest in its class.



    Customize Your Sound

    For a better tuning, the Cascade comes with 4 custom fit acoustic dampeners. With these, you can adjust the mids and lows. Simply select your preferred dampener and install it. (Lower the numbered value of the dampener, higher the mid and low-frequency response.

    Premium Design with Durability

    Each and every element of the Cascade has been selected with great care. The headband, joints and pivots are made of stainless steel while the earcups and hanger arms are crafted from cast and machined aluminium. For added comfort, this headphone has replaceable earpads with soft lambskin leather.

    Cable & Connector

    The Litz Cables have silver-plated copper conductors and is covered in a cloth jacket. This results in added durability and reduces cable microphonics. The cable terminates in a circular push-pull connector and 3.5mm stereo plug.

    On-The-Go Companion

    Be it at home or while commuting, the Cascade has been designed to always be with you. It folds into a compact size and is durable enough to be carried around anywhere. The excellent isolation ensures that there is no sound leakage.

    Just Like Stars—One in a Million

    Each part of the Cascade is carefully made, assembled and inspected. Thus, for absolute great quality, it is only possible to create these IEMs in a small batch. When you own an Cascade, you are one of few who have a pure audio marvel in hand (or in-ears).

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    No Mic


    17.6 Ohms @ 1kHz
    Not disclosed by the manufacturer

    3.5mm L-Shaped

    Not disclosed by the manufacturer
    102 dB

    Not disclosed by the manufacturer
    Not disclosed by the manufacturer

    1. Campfire Audio Cascade Earphone

    2. Litz Copper Cable
    3. 4 Custom fit acoustic dampeners
    4. Campfire Audio Zipper Headphone Case

  • One Year

    Authorized Service Partner: Headphone Zone

    Manufacturer's Warranty covers only manufacturing defects. To claim warranty, please maintain a copy of your invoice and contact Headphone Zone .

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    "For a first offering in the on/over ear space, the Cascade makes quite a statement."
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    "The Campfire Audio Cascade is a wonderfully fun with a bombastic low-end, a lively midrange, and an airy, extended high end."
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  • User Manual

    Learn how to use the Campfire Audio Cascade

    Tuning Guide

    Learn how to Tune the Campfire Audio Cascade


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Customer Reviews

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Thunderous Bass

The Cascades are wonderfully built, great to look at and are very comfortable to wear for long periods of listening. The stainless steel headband, aluminium ear cups, the plush leather ear pads, litz copper cable, leather case - everything screams premium.

I used the Cascade with my AK Kann DAP and they just sounded phenomenal. The bass is the star of the show. The bass is of excellent quality and they hit you really hard and deep. This is almost basshead territory. The added presence in the sub bass makes the music much more enjoyable. What is surprising is how clean they can sound and the amount of details they can present considering the amount of bass on offer. They also sound very spacious. They come with 4 tuning filters. As the number on the filter increases, the warmer and smoother the sound gets. I found the 1st one to suit my sound preferences.

They don’t need any amplification. They sounded great from my mobile phone as well but they just sounded a lot better with my AK DAP. The bass just makes me pick these over my MW 60 which was my favourite pair of headphones before the Cascade. But the sound signature might not be to everyone’s liking.