FiiO - LT-LT3 (Type-C to Lightning Adapter Cable)

Lightning to USB Type-C OTG Cable
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It is compatible with iOS devices.


You can use your DAC & Amps and portable players with iOS devices through this cable.


It delivers wired lossless connection and is easy to pair and play music on your preffered choice of iOS devices. You can also transfer data using this cable.


FiiO introduces the LT-LT3 Lightning to USB Type-C OTG cable for connecting your FiiO devices to an iOS device. LT-LT3 features USB Type-C termination on one end and a Lightning connector on the other end to connect to various iOS devices and you can connect a USB DAC for lossless output up to 192k/24bit. Perfect for connecting products such as the FiiO BTR3K, BTR5, Q3, Q5s-TC and K9 Pro to your iOS devices for brilliant sound. The LT-LT3 is made of high purity tin-plated copper wires, allowing your audio signals to be transmitted as clearly as possible without any stutter. A simple plug-n-play design connects your devices and offers reliable and unobstructed decoding during connection. It can be paired with various iOS devices but do note that devices that consume more than 200mA are not supported and please do not use this cable to charge Apple devices. Disable USB charging of FiiO devices through the FiiO Control App for the best experience.



The FiiO LT-LT3's interior comprises high purity tin-plated pure copper wires, while the sheath is composed of skin-friendly material to handle constant wear and tear. The LT-LT3 cable has passed rigorous bending tests for extra durability and flexibility. The termination connectors on both ends are made with carefully selected aluminium alloy, which provides a metallic texture and is durable enough to take lots of connections and disconnections. The connectors are resistant to corrosion and oxidation to maintain a stable connection with your connected devices and also extend the life cycle. The entire cable's length is 20cms, long enough to be practical, making it perfect to carry anywhere. Conveniently connect your Apple devices to other products via the LT-LT3 and enjoy your favourite music effortlessly.

1 Year Warranty

Don't sweat it, this FiiO - LT-LT3 (Type-C to Lightning Adapter Cable) comes with a 1 Year warranty from FiiO that covers manufacturing defects. All products featured on Headphone Zone are backed by an original manufacturer's warranty.

Read more about FiiO's warranty in India.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
M. (Bengaluru)
Little wonder

I was looking for a cable that I could use my FiiO K3 with my iPhone but the default (regular) charging cable that comes with the phone never worked. I was told that I'd need to use the data/camera cable to use a DAC/amp with iPhone. The original Apple camera cable has been highly-priced and hence I bought FIIO - LT-LT3. It worked with my iPhone and feels like heaven when I started listening to my fav music. My current setup: iPhone 13 pro max+FiiO K3+KZ ZS 10 pro = Heavenly music :-). Crystal clear sound. Thanks, HPZ

Hey there, nothing makes us happier than knowing you loved your purchase, hope you had a comfortable shopping experience and thank you for the great review and ratings!

Saeed Attar (Lohogaon)
It does its job

Using it for couple of days with Fiio KA3. Good thing is that it does its job by enabling me to connect a DAC with the iOS devices. My biggest disappointment is that it doesn't fulfil my requirement of playing songs over Apple Music with 24-bit/192kHz. It seems that Apple Music is unable to detect Fiio KA3 as a DAC. When I switch to Amazon Prime Music, it plays at higher sampling frequency as intended. Please let me know if you have solution on this situation as I am not ready to switch o Amazon Prime Music for this issue.
I know that this cable shouldn't be considered at fault, hence gave rating accordingly. One star less as I feel that price doesn't justify functionality or build.

We're really happy that you have such great thoughts about the product and thanks for the amazing review!

Shubham Joshi (Chennai)
Physicially very convenient, software itegration could have been better

TL;DR – makes wired audio setups to Lightning-based iDevices much neater, but doesn't automatically trigger some necessary settings in FiiO's own BTR5 which would have enabled instant listening.

Great little cable for using my FiiO BTR5 (not 2021) along with my iPhone 13 Pro max. I already own the Apple Lightning to USB3 Camera adapter (the larger one with the additional charging port) – hence I didn't really need the LT-LT3 cable for enabling new functionality – but the Lightning camera adapter + USB-A to USB-C + was a bulky and inconsistent mess. For example, the camera adapter cable and the FiiO usb-c cable flex differently, making neatly positioning the entire setup a bit more challenging than it needs to be.

A lot of us folks buy Apple gear for aesthetic neatness and consistency of experience, qualities that aren't always possible when in search for great sound quality (wires, wires everywhere!). The FiiO LT-LT3 helps a bit regarding this for those among us seeking audio quality beyond the Apple ecosystem (e.g. like my HD6XX connected balanced to the BTR5), but makes the setup feel closer to the neatness and consistency we get with our iDevices, and ironically does this better than Apple's own adapters.

I am dissatisfied with the software/firmware integration though. This being FiiO's own cable, it would have been great if the cable's chip could have detected that one of their own portable DAC/Amps is connected and automatically set "charging mode" to off (this is necessary so that the iPhone doesn't block the device for drawing too much power from it — instead the device runs from its own battery and only transfers data to and fro from the iDevice). Maybe there are engineering or standards-compliance challenges in implementing this, but in a world of tightly integrated tech ecosystems, the lack of this feature feels like a major oversight.

A very good cable that's only a short step away from great.

We appreciate your honest & elaborative review & ratings, Shubham Joshi!

Harsh Rao Jadhav (Pune)

Works well enough.

Hey Harsh, thanks a lot for your amazing review!

Samir Pokhrel (Kathmandu)
Good Product

The cable works perfectly for playing hi-res Apple Music! The sound quality is outstanding and the cable itself is well-made and durable. It's also easy to connect and disconnect, which is convenient. I highly recommend this cable to anyone who wants to experience the full potential of their hi-res Apple Music collection. Overall, a great product!

Hey Samir, thank you so much for the awesome review!

Amit Gaikwad (Bhopal)
Does the job

Product is good and does the job but it is bit expensive

We really appreciate the genuine feedback, we'll share your thoughts with the brand as well!

VENKATA (Hyderabad)
Good alternative cable

Good alternative cable

Hey there, thanks a lot for your review!

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