KZ - AS10

In-Ears With 5 Balanced Armature Drivers

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This product is permanently discontinued by the manufacturer and continues to live on in Headphone Zone's Museum.

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Customer Reviews

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RJ (Jaipur)
They are ATH M50X of IEM

KZ has given a big slap to the IEM industry with their Cheap and audiophile grade IEM AS10.
What is audiophile grade?? those IEM who give balanced response in the complete audible frequency range, large sound stage & clear instrument separation .
KZ AS10 full fills all the above criteria with aplomb. They are a slap in the face of American and European brands on how to achieve and satisfy 95% of human audible capacity in such a low price.
Various audiophile whores on you tube and websites are not giving the KZ AS10 its due recognition cause chi-fi Balance armatures have the capabilities to shut down their shops and also the shop of other IEMs.
Buy mobile phone LG V30 or G7 for best results, they are better investment than any other DAC as they are complete feature full mobile phone with very strong audio production capabilities.
good for low impedance headphones upto 50 ohms .
For bluetooth capabilities you can buy KZ bluetooth cable from Ali Express.
If you want to shell out out more money cause you want to stand out and have nothing better to do, you can go on and buy costly IEM which claims to reach 100% of an IDEAL IEM.
But these KA AS10 have achieved 95% of the Ideal IEM and for balance 5% you are just wasting your time and money cause even if you get balance 5%, most of you will not be able to recognise the difference.
The only place they are lacking in are the extreme lows, which i feel its foolish to expect from IEM to satisfy the urge of extreme lows. As extreme lows are mostly felt and not heard. and to feel the extreme lows the speaker need space to move the air, which IEM doesn't provide. So for those extreme lows better to switch to head phones or full range speakers.

I rest my review saying these are the must IEM for all the collectors as a comparison point , just like ATH M50x are the comparison point for headphones and all collectors have one set of those.
, and rest those who want best bang for your buck and one time investment, look no fur...

Paraj (Bengaluru)
Stunning, third eye-opening sound on a budget

As a performing musician and a long-time audiophile, I was looking for a decent pair of IEMs and chanced upon these. Checked out a lot of reviews on YouTube and quickly realised that these are touted to be game changers. There's overwhelmingly positive feedback about these buds and I was a bit skeptical about the reviews TBH. But I decided to give them a shot and ordered them yesterday. HPZ's lightning fast delivery made sure I got them today and I'm writing this review as I speak. I mostly make and listen to progressive rock music, a genre usually characterised by multiple instrumental layers and whose makers pay a great deal of attention to the quality of the tones, sounds and composition. These earphones are unlike any I've ever used in that the clarity is astounding and I'm able to clearly distinguish every single instrument with astonishing detail. The bass is deep and accurate without being overpowering. I don't listen to EDM and other bass-heavy music, but I imagine they'll be able to do a good job playing them as well. The soundstage is really good and the highs and mids are meaty and pleasant without sounding harsh at all. They also fit very snugly in my ears and the isolation is really good too, even without me using comply foam ear-tips. Although, I must mention that I have relatively large ears and these might be a bit large for those with smaller ears. I can't wait to try them in a jam-room with my bands and also at live gigs. I'm looking forward to burning them in (if such a thing does exist) and listening to how they sound over time. They're also plenty loud and I can't see myself ever needing to push them beyond 40-50% of their maximum volume. But for now, 10/10 would recommend.

Arjun Saroj (Mumbai)
Best and Worth

I have been using from 1 week now sounds so good and clear as well money Worth and i have use this in my live gigs also must buy you will never regret

Lalnuntluanga (Bengaluru)
Punchy excelent Sound

I got this from another merchant. The sound is soo good compared to its price. It has 5 balance Armature which really makes every sound crips and clear. The bass department isn't lacking either.

Ashes Limbu (Bengaluru)
Best budget IEM

Have purchased after immense research on budget IEMs and this product surely lived upto the hype. With its 5 driver on each side there is a Great instrument frequency separation, crisp and clear audio and pretty great bass response which is great for normal listening. Only drawback is the size n weight. It is quite bulky for the small ear size people for myself but it’s not heavy to the extent that you feel uncomfortable. You may find it too shrilly out of the box but give some time to burn it and it just starts getting smoother and better. If you are looking for IEMs with in 10k range then this is far better than its counterparts.


The AS10 are completely dedicated to offer the best sound to everyone. KZ has finally released its first earphone with 5 drivers per side, the sound quality has been greatly improved and up to 30% more details can now be heard. Need something for pop or vocal-centric music? This one's your friend.



The AS10 has five units of pure Balanced Armature drivers on each side of the earphone which produces high definition audio and creates less distortion. You have 2 dedicated drivers for the high frequencies, a driver each for the low and mid frequencies and lastly, a driver that's tuned to handle both, mid and high frequencies. A professional crossover circuit is used to ensure that all drivers work in sync for a great audio experience.



For the first time, KZ has adopted 3D printing technology in manufacturing the internal acoustic structure which houses the drivers. These IEMs come with a detachable 2-pin braided cable and memorable ear hooks. It also features an inline remote & mic. The AS10 can stand out amongst most earphones in the market with its practical design and long-lasting quality.

1 Year Warranty

Don't sweat it, this KZ - AS10 comes with a 1 Year warranty from KZ that covers manufacturing defects. All products featured on Headphone Zone are backed by an original manufacturer's warranty.

Read more about KZ's warranty in India.

Redefining Audio Performance with KZ Acoustics

Founded in 2008 by classical musicians, KZ Acoustics has made waves in the industry by redefining audio performance. The initials 'KZ' stand for 'Knowledge Zenith', reflecting their commitment to offering immersive, low-priced earphones that deliver exceptional sound quality and visual appeal. With a passion for both business and interest in audio, KZ Acoustics has garnered worldwide attention for their range of In-Ear Monitors, True Wireless Products (TWS), Ear Buds, and Cables. With over a million earphones sold annually and availability both domestically and internationally, KZ continues to set new standards in the audio industry.

Fun fact:In 2016, KZ sold one of their ZST model every 2 minutes totalling 10000 units in just 15 days!

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