Moondrop - Blessing 2

4x BA + 1x DD Hybrid In-Ears

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Balanced Sound

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1 DD + 4 BA

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Works with
Android & iOS



Featuring a powerful hybrid triple crossover, the MOONDROP Blessing 2 comprises of 3D printed physical band pass low pass filter ducts along with a resistor-capacitor. Each spectrum of frequencies has a dedicated driver ensuring all-round sonic excellence. Dual Knowles SWFK treble drivers take care of the treble, while the proprietary dual mid-BA drivers help the mids. There is a dedicated 10mm paper diaphragm dynamic driver that offers a thumping bass output. Enjoy your favourite music with Blessing 2's crisp highs, accurate mids and rich bass output.



Employing a highly effective and reasonable 1DD+4BA hybrid setup, the Blessing 2 sets itself a class apart from its competitors. This hybrid setup complies with the MOONDROPs Virtual Diffusion Sound Field (VDSF) target response. The dedicated bandpass and a low pass filter have a unique role to play. The bandpass changes the response range of the dynamic bass while the low pass filter limits the Q value of the high-frequency BA drivers. This complex and effective design took exhaustive experimentation and accurate manufacturing to offer ideal performance.



Designing the Blessing 2 was a complex task and to ensure flawlessly perfect design, MOONDROP employed world-class precision 3D printing in partnership with HeyGears. HeyGears is an industry-renowned supplier known for offering matured DLP-3D printing along with medical-grade UV resin. HeyGears delivers reliable and accurate complex structure housing that offers transparency and durability.



The faceplate used in the Blessing 2 is made of medical-grade stainless steel and has undergone a precise CNC milling process. This precision-made faceplate along with a 3D printed transparent housing makes the Blessing 2 an audio artwork designed out of the highest calibre. The Blessing 2 logo has been engraved on one side while the other side features paint adhesion bare brushed metal.



DRIVER 1DD + 4BA Per Side, Triple Crossover
IMPEDANCE 22Ω@1kHz (±15%)
117dB/Vrms @1kHz
FREQUENCY RESPONSE 9-37KHz (Free Field. 1/4"MIC,-3dB)
THD <1%@1KHz
EFFECTIVE FR 20-20KHZ (IEC60318-4)
LOW DRIVER 10mm Paper Diaphragm Dynamic Driver
PINHOUSING 3D Printed Medical Grade Resin Housing
BOX CONTENTS 1. Moondrop Blessing 2 Earphones
2. 6 Pairs Silicone Eartips
3. Carry Case
4. Airline adapter


Warranty & Media Reviews

1 Year Warranty

Don't sweat it, this Moondrop Blessing 2 comes with a 1 year warranty from Moondrop that covers manufacturing defects. All products featured on Headphone Zone are backed by an original manufacturer's warranty.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Moon (Bengaluru)
Complete blissful experience (update)

My review is for people like me looking for end game in mid range IEMs.

My previous favourite iem were fiio fh3 which is also a very good iem for price.

Blessing 2 is 1 dd and 4 ba driver hybrid IEM. I spent arround 2 month compared lot of iems like fiio fa7, fiio fd5, legacy4 and 5, moondrop b2.

Most reviews pointed out this have better mids and bit harsh highs and non existent bass which I only found partially true.

B2 have very crips bass just like my fh3 or even better in resolution but bit less in quantity than fh3. But i found over bass on b2 much more better and pleasing for all type of genre.

Mids are very clear and bit fwd compared to fh3 which produce over all better female voices and male voices and very enjoyable mids.

Highs are also a reason B2 sound more enjoyable, the B2 produce the highs with precision details without being harsh.

B2 have really good sound stage as well comaparable to my sundara and better than fh3.

I did all my music session on ifi zen combo and earman TR-amp using ifi IE match+.

The cable of iem is bit bad or uncomfortable compared to TRIPOWIN C8, it felt bad to manage and poor in comfort. It gets tangled easily. On bright side cable were light in weight.

B2 nozzle is bit thick but the ear bud of my fiio fh3 was compatible with B2.
The B2 goes for shallow insertion not deep like fh3 but sound better :)

Compared to my magasooi k3 pro it a league ahead in details and technical performance and far more pleasant to hear.

Compared to my fiio fh3, its a step up details specially in mids and highs but in bass I couldn't choose one over other as fh3 have good quality and quantity in bass but b2 have more details. But I still like B2 more as it have better soundstage and more natural sounding.

Compared to hifiman sundara its not fair comaparison but here it is I like mids on B2 more than sundara where as sundara is leagues ahead of B2 in terms of bass and highs. But I still like B2 more as sundara tends to become bit fatiguing after few hours.

Compared to my ath m50x the mids and highs were much pleasant on B2 but i really like the bass on m50x more than all the iem and headphone i have.

In short ,I am very happy with my B2.
Update for those who were confused between fiio fd5 and b2.
B2 is better in mids and highs in resolution. However the timbre is quite natural in FD5 along with bass.
B2 sounds more crisps and have comparable sound stage to FD5, but FD5 clearly have better depth and wide soundstage. But the mids and sweet highs on the B2 is a win for me.
Both have different set of character.

Compared to hd560s both FD5 and B2 sound way better in all departments except the sweet punch you get on bigger headphones which lacks in IEMs, but my bith IEM sound better in resolution and are quite faster than hd560s.

My findings includes the testing on Chord mojo.

So glad to know that you love them:) We look forward to serving you again. Happy listening!

Dinesh (Bengaluru)
Crispy, for days

I bought these after reading through an innumerable amount of near-unanimous glowing reviews. I should mention I'm no cork-sniffing audiophile, but I've spent a fair share of my life on fairly neutral reference monitors (Shure SRH840 and Etymotic ER2XR), and these feel like quite the upgrade sound-wise. Treble isn't rolled off considering my experience with IEMs, and the sound stage is wide. Build quality seems sturdy, too. Shame about the anime on the packaging though.

Quick delivery by Headphonezone as always.

Hey Dinesh, we're happy to hear that you're loving these earphones. Thanks for sharing your positive feedback with us! :)

Girish.B (Mysore)
Perfection, Checks all boxes

After watching innumerous YouTube videos and fretting over curves and graphs of KZs and Fiio's I was almost settled on FH5 when I came across this by accident. Thanks to headphonezone again for bringing a wonderful product and brand.

The minute another user mentioned a full range planar headphones in comparison, I was already curious, and it didn't disappoint.

Tech: I always thought having all those BAs and DD crammed into a small space is just technical achievement and was ready to hear a acceptable balanced sound. I was surprised at what I heard

Sound: I would say perfectly balanced presentation, wide sound stage, clear sparkly trebles, no fatigue, right amount of bass and subs. Not a basshead tuning out of the box, but responds to eq to blow your ears if you like. Like another reviewer mentioned the Sundara comes to mind, very similar characteristics.

Do take note that I use ds160 as source, the DAC on that is pretty clean and then I use NX4 amp with bass enhancement to add little more thickness to the sound, that's it I've been listening for weeks now and it's still sounding as exciting and crisp as the first day

Cons: wires feel a little delicate, definitely not for commutes, but then you wouldn't buy expensive stuff to hear audiophile quality music in a bus.

Price: expensive, no doubt, but if you have a good source like M11 or ds160 this one will do justice

Hey Girish, we are happy to hear that you're enjoying these IEMs. Thank you so much for taking time and sharing this detailed and amazing feedback with us!

Anonymous (Pune)
Design and Comfort:
Sound Quality:
Value for Money:

Beginner Audiophile here. Hope my review will help you make your purchase decision.

Comfort - Despite having small ears these headphones fit perfectly thanks to the numerous pairs of tips that are provided in the box. They have great passive noise cancellation as well.

Sound Quality - Boy oh boy. The resolution and tonality is amazing. I can listen to them for hours on end without feeling fatigued. Rock, heavy metal, jazz and classical all sound much better than on budget earphones. They are a little overkill for pop. The instrumentation separation is superb. On these headphones all music sounds great. These headphones continue to amaze me at how detailed music can sound. Even music produced 50 years ago. Needless to say, these headphones will work best with flac and lossless files. However they are not forgiving to lower res music. I can clearly hear the difference in quality when I switch between my laptop and phone even though I am playing the same file. You will benefit from a good dac.

Headphones and Earphones I have used before - Focal Sphear, RHA-MA390, ATH-M40x, Beyerdynamic Byron, Samson SR850, Airpods Pro. These earphones beat the shit out of them and they should considering the price.

Durability - They look and feel quite durable but only time will tell. Even my Focal Sphear felt the same and they stopped working within 1 year. I couldn't get them fixed even though they were under warranty as I had lost the bill. Don't make the same mistake as me. Keep the bill. The sound pipe behind the filter is quite exposed and if earwax goes in I don't know if there would be any way to remove it from those small pipes. I suggest replacing filters and keeping your purchase safe by cleaning them regularly. The default filter is scarily easy to remove. It just popped off when I was changing the eartips. I ordered the official replacement filters from another website.

Miscellaneous - There is also a bluetooth adapter which moondrop sells which will convert these into neckband style bluetooth headphones if that's your thing. Can't comment on the quality though as I have not used them

Bottomline - This is a solid purchase if you can afford it. They won't disappoint you on the sound quality front. There is not much you would get if you go higher from here without spending on other equipment also.

I will keep this review updated with my findings.

We are glad you had a comfortable shopping experience with us & it is delightful to read such positive reviews on your product! Cheers & Welcome to the club!

Ajit (Chennai)
Delighted purchase…

Excellent sound production
Clear mids and highs with deep bass
Natural sound with great timbre

Need some time to get tuned to the size, bulky but excellent fit, noise isolation is better than AirPod pro noise cancelling ones
One can enjoy this and truly appreciate with a DAC

Try hotel California, stairway to heaven, Roja, trace Bundy, michael hedges and more…and true music
Only for serious music lovers…!!!

Hey Ajit,
Hope you had a comfortable shopping experience & delighted to hear that you are loving the Blessing 2. Cheers & Keep the music playing !

Anirban Roy (Chennai)
Blissful Euphoria! - Moondrop Blessing 2

After much deliberation on what to get for my first pair of IEMs before embarking on my Audiophile journey, I decided on the Moondrop Blessing 2. After using it extensively for nearly a month now boy am I blown away! Everything from the build quality to the top-notch audio quality showcases Premium. The pair can easily outcompete IEM's at double the price range both in terms of tonality and technicality, making this one of the most value for money IEM's out there.

As a beginner audiophile, I present my weighted verdict of the Moondrop Blessing 2:

1. Excellent Form factor. Featuring a 3D printed transparent resin casing with a sleek metallic faceplate, it has some weight to it, thus adding to that premium feel.
2. Featuring 1 Dynamic Driver for the bass frequencies and 4 Balanced Armature Drivers for the rest, the detail retrieval for most of its frequency range is phenomenal. The bass is crisp and has just the right amount of punch without being bloated and muddy. The mids are the star of the show, natural sounding and not recessed. The Highs are bright but not harsh and without any sibilance. The overall Sound Signature is Neutral with a slight hint of warmth. Although the Soundstage is not as wide as more costlier variants, its Imaging has a decent representation of depth. The overall Frequency response of the Blessing 2 closely resembles the Diffused Field Curve (Neutral) and does a very good job at it.

1. The nozzle is a bit larger in size than usual, which might be a problem for people with small ear canals, but fits perfectly for me with the stock [size: Small] ear tips.
2. The 0.78 mm two-pin OFC stock cable doesn’t quite meet the same standards as the IEM itself. Although not fragile, it could have been a bit sturdier, at this price range. It's better to get a decent aftermarket cable to complement the robust build of the IEMs.

Since, most onboard DACs of smartphones, laptops or desktops are not audiophile grade, it is recommended to pair the Blessing 2 with a decent DAC. I have mine paired with the iFi Audio Zen DAC v2 and the iEMatch+ for signal attenuation. The end result is just outstanding and further enhances the listening experience.

In Conclusion, the Moondrop Blessing 2 is a bang for buck piece of hardware and anyone who wishes for that oh so sweet audio experience, should definitely give it a go.

HI Anirban,
We are delighted by your elaborate feedback on the Moondrop Blessing 2, we thank you for taking the time to write it. We hope you are enjoying it. Cheers & Welcome to the Club Buddy!

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