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RHA - MA390 Universal


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The RHA MA390 Universal is the most legendary earphone in the history of Headphone Zone. We literally ship hundreds of them every week. 3 years of warranty, great value for money. There's a lot to like!


I started Headphone Zone almost 10 years ago because most big retailers had little to no understanding of electronic accessories, people had little understanding and few options. Customers ended up having a lousy experience in-store and simply bought the cheapest earphone they found.
Our aim is to take the Headphone Zone experience to the length and breadth of music listeners in India. How we can do this is by helping you experience better sound, and provide you with enough information enabling informed choices.

My hobbies include collecting Airline Baggage Tags. I also hold a Guinness World Record for the largest collection in the world. While I’m not an audiophile, I am a passionate musician and I love listening to Rock, Pop and Jazz.

About Raghav
  • Founded Headphone Zone in 2011
  • Founded the Indian Audiophile Forum in 2017, a growing community of 10,000+ members.
  • Travels to industry events like CanJam Singapore and IFA yearly
  • Spends every morning at the breakfast table with his standard meal of idli and sambar.
  • Spends every night (or every time he has to wait for his spouse to get ready) at his Roland piano playing pop tunes from memory.
  • Raghav’s passion for headphones and his commitment to Headphone Zone exemplifies our mission to create customer delight through every touchpoint on our website.
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    Designed In Scotland

    RHA's products take inspiration from ancient musical instruments. Their product development cycle starts with the creation of 3D printed clay models based on design concepts. These prototypes are then tested till a finished product sets the "golden sample" for production. A well-practised process finally achieves a consistent and high standard product worthy of the RHA name.



    Aerophonic Driver Housing

    The journey of sound from the drivers to your ears is made distortion free thanks to an inverted trumpet bell-shaped driver housing. This is what RHA calls their Aerophonic design.

    Aerospace Grade Aluminium

    The sonic properties of aluminium deliver the clear audio that RHA is known for. The aluminium gives these earphones a premium finish and is extremely lightweight.


    DRIVERS 130.8 Special Drivers
    DRIVER TYPE Dynamic
    IMPEDANCE 16 Ohms
    MAGNET TYPE Neodymium
    REMOTE 1-Button
    CABLE TYPE Tangle-Free Flat
    WEIGHT 15g
    BOX CONTENTS 1.RHA - MA390 Universal Earphones
    2.Three Pairs of Dual Intensity eartips
    3.Carry Pouch
    4.Clothing Clip


    Don’t sweat it, This RHA product is covered by a 3 Years manufacturer's warranty.
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    RHA - MA390 Universal vs competitors
    RHA - MA390 Universal RHA - MA390 Universal vs competitors
    JAYS - a-JAYS One+ vs competitors
    JAYS - a-JAYS One+ JAYS - a-JAYS One+ vs competitors
    Sony - MDR-XB55AP vs competitors
    Sony - MDR-XB55AP Sony - MDR-XB55AP vs competitors
    SoundMAGIC - E10C vs competitors
    SoundMAGIC - E10C SoundMAGIC - E10C vs competitors
    Warranty 3 Years 2 Years 1 Year 1 Year
    Warm & Smooth
    Warm & Smooth
    Extra Bass
    Housing Aircraft Grade Aluminium Plastic Housing Plastic Housing Metal Housing
    Cable Tangle-Free Standard Tangle-Free Standard
    Ergonomics Straight Fit Straight Fit Angular Fit Straight Fit
    Mic Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Remote 1-Button 1-Button 1-Button 3-Button
    Volume Controls No No No Yes
    Compatibility Universal Universal Universal Universal
    Carry Pouch Yes No Yes Yes
    Eartips 3 pairs 5 pairs 4 eartips 5 pairs
    Clip Yes No No Yes
    Our Verdict

    A 3 year warranty, and the best in class build quality. Our favourite earphones for under Rs. 2000

    The best looking, and styled earphones, with the best cables in class. Perfect for those who tend to tangle frequently.

    Bass that'll feel almost like an earthquake, but will tend to overpower the rest of the sound.

    Certainly an all-round performer with a pronounced bass and treble. But with dissapointing 1 year warranty

    Media Reviews


    “Affordable In-ears with good sound and universal controls. The RHA MA390 is a pair of budget earbuds that feel premium, and braided cables feel like they can withstand any abuse.”

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    "Handsome design with quality and a decent array of included accessories. RHA MA390 Universal earphones outperform more expensive options in both design and audio performance."

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    "A confidence-inspiring build, and a great manufacturer's warranty—what more could you want? If you value value-packed products, then the MA390 should be on your audio wish list."

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    trusted reviews

    "If you don’t like the sound of your phone’s earphones then the MA390 offer an alternative with some style and solid sound quality. Solid earphones that look more expensive than they are."

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1781 reviews
    Powerful pleasent music in a premium package

    Pros:1)simple minimalistic design with a premium flair, lightweight too.
    2)very comfortable in ear experience,decent noise cancelation, continuous use doesnt stress you out.
    3)sound:i also own a pair of soundmagic e10c..so on using this the first time i found that it wasnt as powerful or base heavy...but then i started noticing the finer details that usually get covered up by the heavy base...dont get me wrong, this one is pretty powerful too,but it also has managed to strike a balance between richness,power and base leaving you with a very pleasant nd enjoyable music experience.
    4)comparing it with other earphones in this price range,it really justifies its price tag...rha hasnt cut many corners.
    Con: clarity while hearing certain songs is a bit lacking...it feels a little shrill at times...this could be becoz my buds dont perfectly match my ear.

    Overall im really happy with this product.in a way rha has made all my songs a bit more delicious for my ears.

    Do make sure you try out all the ear buds...choosing a perfect fitting bud is really important for a fulfilling experience

    Very nice review Sajin Ji :) We are glad that you liked it and your review will help many. We would like to invite you to join our Audiophile community on facebook called The Indian Audiophile Forum. Here, check it out: https://www.facebook.com/groups/The-Indian-Audiophile-Forum/ There are a lot of Audiophiles there sharing their gear, their audio files, engaging on hot new releases and simply talking the audiophile lingo.
    Go for it if you have 2k

    This is a good earphone I'd say. Recieved em yesterday (ofcourse delivery was lightning fast than I expected). The quality is mind-blowing (it's imported and the best if quality)
    Now talking about the sound effects : highly well Balence with pretty nice and punchy good bass. (Idk why the guys are saying it's got less bass. Do they need only bass and no vocals or treble at all?).

    I've owned cx180, cx275, a JBL ..... TBH this one has a step ahead of the sound of cx275 (which is god like) and the build quality is the best! There is also a clip provided along with carry pouch. I find it great use , even can clip the wire to my underwear to make sure it's not disturbing me.

    Talking about wire quality:
    It's not actually a plastic wire. It's some sort of fibre, which they claim tangle free. But it tangles pretty well if we'll mixed (like mixing sugar and water)
    I don't know if they can withstand water splashes so.. can't know if they can be used in gym. Mic is wonderful.


    We lost it when you wrote that you were gonna clip these to your underwear. Awesome honest and detailed review man. Quite funny as well. Put up a good picture on Instagram with the hashtag #headphonezone and we shall feature it on our handle :)
    Crystal clear sound with adequate bass...Best

    3yrs warranty with headphonezone as retailer is good....talking about buds they are best in class for listening each and every single instrument...its better than....momentum and Sony Xb one with 2k priceline Bass is a kinda of on cooler side not much as sony one but enough to make sounds whelming ...Build quality no doubt aluminium body ...what more can someone want .... maybe a full braided wire would done good rather than keeping it till the Y line ....and thank you headphone zone for guding me through this buds above E10C and CX275s....just go with it guys Its a premium brand

    Great for audiophiles who want a flat sound, but won't appeal to a normal person or the bass lover

    Ive been listening with it for over two weeks, roughly averaging 2 hours per day to give this review.
    First part of the review is how it functions if you are an audiophile, a musician, singer, sound engineer or console operator. I didn't like how the bass guitar or the how kick drum feels powerless or with lesser presence in any genre except bollywood songs and EDM through this earphone.
    It is like as if someone has turned down the bass, low mids and high mids in a console all the way down to give it an almost flat tone which you need for aggressive double pedalling to hear individual kicks. You can hear the double pedals in Messhugah's Bleed clearer than any studio grade headphones. Kick drum and snare sections of any djent band is clear but lacks punch. You will find the kick drums and snare and the bass guitar of any sub genres of rock and metal less appealing as
    you will have to keep your ears super sharpened to hear the bass guitar, the kick drum and the snare in detail and with the desired definition.The ghost notes are very hard to differenciate.
    The cymbals are crisp and precise in almost any genre. So collectively saying if you have an ear for low frequencies which mainly comprises of the snare, kick and bass guitar , you will get disappointed in any genre.
    For jazz and blues and all of those who want detail of each instrument or vocals , this is just a thing from heaven.
    You can hear each and every instrument in great detail and the collective cut of the low and mids aid in this. You feel as if you are in the studio with the singers and musicians.
    One thing that deserves special mention is that if you are a Guitarist, then this is your gem.
    Even the softest acoustic guitar strumming can be heard so wonderfully. The electric guitar effects and tones seem just like they come straight out of a tube amplifier. It's a bliss in every aspect.
    So to sum it up, its not for the bass lover and common man.
    Its for those who want music as a collective...

    Excellent earplugs and too good service

    Its the right earphones that I was looking for. Excellent build quality and balanced output of bass and treble. Build quality is simply superb and the service provided by headphone zone is unmatched. Will make all my future purchases from here only.

    Satisfied with sound but not with package

    Design, built quality, sound clarity, depth of detail everything is awesome love to listen song with this product..but one of the earbud (the medium size one) comes with package is missing. My ear only suits with medium size buds cuz of I didn't get I'm going sad. Having one of the best earphone but unable to taste the effects without proper earbud :( :)

    Hey Mohamed! We are glad that you liked them. Usually the medium earbud is installed on your earphones and the other 2 sizes are there in the box. Please check if you can find in all 3 earbuds including the one present on the earphone and other two earbuds in the box and do inform us once you check it by replying your answer to this message.