Shanling - MW100

Neckband Style Wireless Earphone

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This product is permanently discontinued by the manufacturer and continues to live on in Headphone Zone's Museum.

Unfortunately, even if we desire to, we won't be able to resurrect this product. The Museum is where we pay our respects to end-of-life, old, archived, but not forgotten products. This page was made with a lot of love and will live on for posterity. What to say, we're sentimental people. 😔

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Customer Reviews

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Abhay (Hyderabad)
Best sounding wireless in 5k Price bracket!

Been using them for more than a month. Sound & Call quality are great. Bass is great but not over-powered which I liked. Battery life was 10+ hrs though, quick charge helps a lot. I regularly listen to music for 4-5hrs straight and there has been no ear strain. Great comfort. You can connect to two devices at a time. I am an iphone user and they support Siri(VeryGood experience) & AAC.

Truly appreciate your elaborate and extensive review, reviews like this helps to give a better perspective to others.
Thank you for your time.

Raihan Motorwala (Mumbai)

During 3 weeks if intermittent use before the drives have been optimized, this is the review

Structural make is good, flexible neck band and magnetic ear piece and 3 set of war plugs, I chose the smaller one for a good fit for bass.

I chose this because of aptx, magnetic ear piece, and qualcom techn for mic. Price near 5000. Same technologies were present in earphones price above 8000

I am no audiophile so in simple terms, a good sound quality. U can hear adequate bass in bass rich songs like Taki Taki and migente. Bass is optimum if the sound volume at 70 % and ear plugs are snuggly fit. In songs like chayya chayya of Ar rahman u won't hear the thump in the original version but do hear it in revised or symphony version. Symphony of Hollywood songs sound superb with all instruments showing up.

Did a test of headphones on a you tube site. It passed all the test with full marks.

If u like bass in all ur songs then u will need to play them on a app where u can adjust the bass as per ur liking. Many new Bollywood sounds better on amazon, gaana and wynk app for bass. Bass is as expected not heavy though. So those who want thump in all songs shud buy something else

2 press, leads to connect to Google assistant

Since the buttons are on the left side of the wire, it takes time to adjust to pressing the buttons with the left hand.

Call are heared properly on the other side.

No cons here, u can chose others for heavy bass and for price.

I also have another headphone, soundlogic, with mixed reviews on amazon but works fine for me, so sometimes cheap earphone can do u well. I did a lot of research on MA650 but chose shanling for the price and near identical technologies

Ashik Jonathan (Nagercoil)
No more tangled wires

It's delivers on comfort and good microphone quality. Battery life is 15 hours advertised. I can assure you it's less than that(less to what extent I'll update later) . But you know. Wireless earphones are in their early stages of development. Connectivity is slick. Bass heads kill yourselves if you ordered this. The lows response is good but not excellent. I use a whizzer kylin. So it's way less. Really comfortable of MY ears. It's feels as if it's not there. I primarily bought for phone calls so far so good. Its has led indication light for connection stand by and power status. This is great for a first time iem maker.

Prabhu Das (Thenali)
It's Okay! NOT excelle

Actually it was my second purchase from Headphone Zone. First I brought Beyerdynamic Byron BTA, which I thought was not stylish nor ergonomic to take calls and outdoor usage. So at this price point and upon the recommendation of HZ I opt for Shanling MW 100, though I like it's design, fit and comfortability, it eventually I found that it's charging is malfunctioning. So I contacted HZ to claim warranty. As the product was inspected and found defective, all of sudden the India lockdown was announced. Almost 2.5 month of interval, I received my replacement. In utter shock, upon unboxing I found that it's neither charging or switching on. So again I've contacted the HZ to resolve this issue, thankfully this time they arranged a pick up service via bluedart a week ago. Today I got the conformation that it's an defective piece and soon I'll get my replacement. Overall my shopping experience with HZ is satisfactory and prompt.

when it comes to the sound quality it's balanced, nothing over powers. It supports the advanced AAC as well as aptex. Clean voice calls due to its cVc noise cancellation technology is best at my liking.

Thank you for sharing your review with us. Sad to know that the earphones were not up to your expectation. It is clear from your review of how disappointed you are with product output. We welcome you to talk to our Headphone Gurus so that you may discover the right earphones that will make you happy. We don't want to lose any of the customers who come to our website, leaving unhappy. Hope you understand. Have a positive day.

john jones (Hyderabad)
They are a bit costly for the price but worth it

overall performance of the product is nice and I really love while I am playing basketball


Balanced Sound Signature

Museum with a Balanced sound signature presents a precise sound and an enriching listening experience, where sounds are naturally presented without extreme emphasis on any region. With a pair of headphones with this sound signature, you can hear audio with clarity and detail. The sound is vivid and revealing, a perfect mixture of instruments and vocals, lows, mids, and highs. This sound signature works for most music listeners who like switching between various music genres like Classical, Jazz, Blues, Rock, Folk and Pop.

6 Months of

Ideal for Sports & Gym

If you are someone who enjoys listening to music while you exercise, train or play sports, these are designed just for you. These True Wireless Earbuds are engineered with design traits that make them particularly well-suited for an active lifestyle.

You can expect these True Wireless Earbuds to offer rain and sweat protection with an IPX rating and offer a substantial battery life with quick charge capabilities. These True Wireless Earbuds are comfortable to wear with a snug fit for the ultimate convenience.

Bluetooth with
aptX and AAC

IPX5 Water & Sweat

10mm Dynamic

Wireless Range

You must have most likely noticed that wireless signals do not travel an infinite distance. The farther a wireless signal goes, the weaker it gets. This loss is known as path loss, and it defines the range of connectivity. This range of connectivity is dependent on the wireless protocol in use like Bluetooth. Three classes offer standard ranges of connectivity with Class 1 devices transmitting at 100 mW with a range of 100 meters or 328 feet. Most Bluetooth headsets and headphones are Class 2 devices that transmit at 2.5 mW with a range of 10 meters or 33 feet. Lastly, Class 3 devices transmit at 1 mW with a range of fewer than 10 meters.


MW100 hosts a 10mm dynamic driver with a graphene diaphragm. The Shanling MW100 are not one to disappoint; be it with sports, casual music listening or binge-watching, the MW100 are sure to deliver an impressive and mighty sound output no matter where you are and what your use cases are.



MW100 has a Qualcomm CSR8645 Bluetooth chip installed. Via Qualcomm aptX and AAC, it outputs high-quality audio. Its excellent 15-hour battery life allows for extended listening sessions. Enjoy an extended 2-hour music session in just 10 minutes of quick charging.



The MW100 comes with an IPX5 rating which makes it sweat and water-resistant. The Shanling MW100 comes with magnetic earbuds, which sit around your neck when not being used.



The MW100 comes with in-line controls that help you adjust the volume, toggle tracks, activate voice assistant, and answer or reject calls. Also fitted with sixth-generation CVC noise cancellation technology, it delivers clear audio even in a crowded environment.



The Shanling MW100 has a sturdy construction that can handle demanding physical activity and an ergonomic fit. The neckband has memory wires incorporated into it and unique silicone materials. When not in use, you may store them with ease; because of their foldable form and skin-friendly texture. The earphones also stick together as they have a built-in pair of magnets. The MW100 is the epitome of comfort, which assures you won't experience any fatigue even if used for long hours.

6 Months Warranty

Don't sweat it, this Shanling - MW100 comes with a 6 Months warranty from Shanling that covers manufacturing defects. All products featured on Headphone Zone are backed by an original manufacturer's warranty.

Read more about Shanling's warranty in India.

Setting the Standard for Audio Excellence Since 1988

Founded in 1988 in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China, Shanling has been a key player in the audio industry for over 30 years. Specializing in audio products, it gained recognition for its Hi-Fi stereo amplifier and expanded into Hi-Res portable music players, amplifiers, headphones, DACs, and more. Committed to innovation and integrity, Shanling incorporates patented technologies like SONY LDAC, Hi-Res from the Japanese Audio Association, and others, ensuring top-notch product quality. Renowned for its dedication, Shanling has become a trusted name in the industry, prioritizing customer satisfaction.

Over the years, Shanling has maintained strong relationships with high-end manufacturers, solidifying its position as one of the most respected companies in the audio industry. The spirit of innovation and dedication to quality continues to drive Shanling as it evolves and expands its range of audio products, catering to the needs of audio enthusiasts worldwide.

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"Perfect for everyday listening with a lightweight and enjoyable music presentation. Attractive Pricing, Good battery life, Stable connectivity. Shanling truly understand what consumer needs and designed MW100 according to the demand."

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