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1x Dynamic

If you're looking to stray away from conventional earphones and seeking precision, you're in for a treat. The Shure SE215 Wireless delivers an unbiased, neutral and clean sound. The foam tips ensure noise isolation, comfort and stellar sonics.


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Praveen, our Headphone Zone is an audio connoisseur and staunch Meze fanboy. He loves the RAI Penta and the Empyrean, equally. When not writing about, thinking about or listening to music: He's an avid beerologist too and staunchly believes that the combination of both beats every music setup out there! You'll often find him listening to The Weeknd, The Score and The Script.



The Shure SE215 is your true companion when you are outdoors. The accurate engineering delivers deep bass from highs to lows and everything in between. The sound just got better with Sound Isolating™ design which eliminates the unwanted sound and makes your music listening better.



The Shure SE215 offers you a wireless in-ears variant. Bundled with the Shure SE215 is the BT2 wireless Bluetooth cable that comes with powerful 10-hour battery life. The BT2 Cable supports multiple codecs like Qualcomm® aptX™, aptX™ HD, aptX™ Low Latency, AAC, and SBC. This makes them your ideal commute buddy all day, every day. Don't worry if your battery dies, you can always swap for the wired cable.



The Shure SE215 earphones come with a detachable and a Kevlar reinforced cable that allows easy personalization and replacement. The gold plated MMCX connector has a lock-snap mechanism allowing 360-degree rotation for comfortable fit.


Through their partnership with Sensaphonics, Shure SE215 earphones come with sound isolating sleeves block up to 37 dB. The sleeves give a customized fit and the best sound which keeps your overall music experience as natural as it gets.



These earphones have an inline mic and three-button control for seamless communication. You can use the remote to play/pause the music, receive/decline the calls, and adjust the volume. The mic helps you to communicate better wherever you go.



The earphones have a lightweight, low-profile shape with an optimized nozzle angle that has been designed to fit comfortably and securely in the ear. The earphones are made up of premium components and cables withstand professional, performance-level wear and tear.



Choose your color as per your style. While the black and clear earphones are the standard variants, Shure also provides special variant colors such as blue and white. In addition to that, you get sound isolating sleeves in three different sizes that block ambient noise and a secure fit, a soft-zip compact carrying case to carry your earphones tangle-free.


MICRO DRIVER Single Dynamic
REMOTE 3-Button
CABLE TYPE Detachable
BOX CONTENT 1. Shure - SE215 Earphones
2. Bluetooth® 5 Earphone Communication Cable(BT2 version)
3. micro-USB Charging Cable
4. Soft flex sleeves (S/ M/ L)
5. Zippered Carrying Case








1.You may need to detach the cable from the earphones to attach optional components or to replace the cable if it becomes damaged.
2. Grasp the connector and the earphone as close as possible to where they join.
3. Pull straight apart—do not twist. Cable is a snap fit, not threaded.
4.When reattaching the cable, match the "L" and "R" markings.



1.The fit of the earphone can greatly affect sound quality and hence always make sure that the earphones form a tight seal.
2.Grasp the body of earphone and gently twist to remove the earphones from your ears.
3.Do not pull on cable to remove earphone as this will damage the earbuds as well as cable.
4. You can place the earphones back in the carry pouch to further prevent any damegae.


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2 Year Warranty

Don't sweat it, this Shure SE215 Wireless comes with a 2 year warranty from Shure that covers manufacturing defects. All products featured on Headphone Zone are backed by an original manufacturer's warranty.

Read more about Shure's warranty in India.


Editor's Choice
Oct, 2017


"Shure describes the sound of the SE215s as ‘warm and detailed’ and that’s exactly what you get. Pro build and features, Rich, weighty sound, Good mid/bass detail."

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"Looking to step up your earphone game on a budget? The SE215 deliver stunning sound and personalized comfort at an entry-level price. It's one of the best deals out there."

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"Wow, what a great little headphone. I’m thinking this may be the best sounding in-ear headphone I’ve heard. This is a somewhat bass-heavy headphone with nice tight lows and a tasteful emphasis."

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"These earphones offers some of the best in-ear Bluetooth audio performance. Super-secure fit, with some passive noise reduction. Removable/replaceable audio cable."

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"Excellent sound, a great fit, and detachable cables help rank these among our favorite wireless earbuds in their class. It will draw you deeper into your favorite tunes.”

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"They offer the same quality construction as their more expensive series siblings, with the highest-quality cable system available at the price."

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"It delivers deep bass, lushes mids, and noise isolation. The noise isolation of these in ears are among the best when compared to the other in ears that I have tried."

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"This is a punchy, solid sounding headphone. It’s perfect for pop, hip-hop and EDM. It also works well with classical music.Snappy, rich and smooth, the SE215 has a lot to offer."

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Customer Reviews

Based on 242 reviews
Absolutely love it ... if not for the broken/cut seal

My options were the RHA 750 ma and the Shure SE215 ... i chose Shure over the RHA cuz they were a longstanding desire of mine to buy 'em. I was worried when the box arrived with a seal that was broken/ Cut? ... I pondered for days if they were originals or rip-off's, even now i have that doubt at the back of my head (cuz apparently even fakes sound Good, and i've never had IEM's or
quality Earphones before). But after i showed my friend he says they are original (that doubt still lingers) ... even despite that i love them originals or not cuz they sound great .... only problem is, like all other reviews state... there is no brilliance/ treble to them ... most vocals with high pitched singing sound dull/ lack luster ... soundstage is absolutely fantastic can hear each instrument with precision and the spacing (far/near/spatial positioning) of instruments seems surreal. Noise isolation is beyond amazing, i could hear my own heartbeat. I would have loved them better if not for the doubt of the broken seal. Hope this review helps, assuming mine are original :)

Unparalleled Comfort and isolation

Got the Se215 yesterday.
First of all, thanks to Headphonezone.Prompt delivery.Will surely buy my next pair from here and also will surely recommend my friends and family to shop from here.
Heads up to you guys, do make an app for more convenience.
I was initially sceptical about ordering the Shures online because of the numerous posts I've read about counterfeits being shipped instead of the originals.But these were original, I verified.Again thanks to HPZ.
I was using a Soundmagic E10S prior to these and they were my daily drivers for about 3 years.
I then purchased the Sennheiser Momentum In-Ears but they were too much V-shaped and bassy(the highs weren't clear IMO)...and so I returned them.
And then my quest for new IEMs started.
Finally settled on Se215 because I value isolation and comfort a tad bit more than sound.
Man, are these comfortable.
You just forget that you are wearing them.Getting a comfortable fit is a bit tedious.I went through all the provided sleeves...The medium olives were perfect for me...Good bass response and excellent isolation.
Shure says this attenuates upto 37dB of noise, but I feel its way way more than that.Hence, these are not at all recommended for commutes.
Pure intimacy with your music.
Now, the sound.
Its not great but not bad either....need to burn them more before jumping to conclusions.
But, the sound is warm, soft and pleasant to the ears.Bass shows its presence everywhere, maybe it's good for some people.Highs are a bit held back and do not sparkle..hence not harsh on the ears.Not exactly balanced sound, but pretty much OK.
If you love House, Dance,EDM and Pop/Hip-Hop...these are made for you.
For other genres they are Okayish...Classical is good though due to the thump provided by the bass.
However, the comfort and isolationin these is pristine and it matters a lot to me.
I am for Shure, loving these.
Thanks HPZ...good luck and Happy New Year.

Thank you so much for sharing your review with us.

Incredible Sound with a lot of wire

The Shure SE215s are a staple amongst musicians and studio engineers. Their reputation as trustworthy IEMs preceed them, so as such I knew I could expect a pretty high standard sound output from them. Suffice to say, I was still blown away by the ease with which this pair could maneuver between various genres, doing the 44khz a real solid. However my issue with this pair is the amount of wire and wire quality. The cable is almost half a meter long, and the piping a tad plasticky rendering it to feel a little less premium. Having said that, Shure isn't necessarily a premium designer brand, so much as it is a specialized brand for professionals, so I suppose this is sort of warranted. I know there is now a Bluetooth version that's come out, and the advantage that all SE215 owners have is the fact that the wiring is detachable from the monitors. So these are modular too, although they never really brand it that way. If you're confused, don't be. This is a solid pair, and it comes with ample bud accessories. You won't be disappointed by the sound quality. You might be by the amount of wire though :'D

Hey Samudra! Your knowledge regarding this is deep as the Samudra :)
You seem like an Audiophile and we would like to invite you to join our Audiophile community on facebook called The Indian Audiophile Forum. Here, check it out:
There are a lot of Audiophiles there sharing their gear, their audio files, engaging on hot new releases and simply talking the audiophile lingo.

Warm and pleasant sounding with excellent fit and passive noise cancellation

My search is for a earphone offering nice fit and passive noise cancellation and of course good sound reproduction without getting harsh or fatiguing.
I am having a e80c with me but I hate the treble as it's too harsh and fatiguing and so was looking for a more warmer sounding earphones. Based on reviews and my budget I shortlisted shure se215 and final audio e3000. But considering that e3000 does not provide great seal or passive noise cancellation I decided to go with se215 and I am pleased to have chosen this.
Sound Quality:
It has the right amount of bass neither too less nor too high. I saw some reviews where people were complaining it is not having enough bass but let me tell you that any more bass will muddy the sound(it already feels slightly muddy at times but that's fine as it's a side effect of boosted bass which I don't mind)
Mids sounds very pleasant, may not be true reproduction though. But that's what I like about it as it sounds more musical and pleasing rather than just being analytical. It seems the upper mids are controlled well as you dont get the sibilance.
Treble is very relaxed. I feel as if it's been rolled off starting from mid treble which is exactly what I want from an earphone. Thank God, Shure did a great job in not falling into the trap of boosting or leaving as it is with respect to mid and upper treble to make it bright sounding and creating a impression that it has very good treble extension. I still wonder why many of the earphones have harsh treble response. Yes I also would prefer to hear every sound clearly and loudly but why in a earphone when it is going to kill your ear drums. A boosted treble response in an external speaker is a perfectly fine thing because you are hearing it with the sound traveling through the air but with earphones it is straight away getting in and killing your ear drums.
Overall the sound quality is fuller, richer, warmer and pleasing and free of fatigue.

The best IEMs you can get in this price range!

Design, Build and Comfort: 5 on 5 :
While made of plastic, the SE 215's are as sturdy as they come. The detachable cables suggest life-long durability and the strong rubber casing sure adds to this feeling. My only gripe here is that the strain relief on the 3.5mm jack feels quite flimsy and I wish they had gone in for the heavy-duty right angled jack like in the regular SE 215 design. Once you manage to put them on though, which might take some practice given the negative profile of the earbuds, you're all set! The 37 dB of sound isolation Shure boasts about is no laughing matter. It blocks out all but the sound of your own heartbeat so that there's nothing standing in between your eardrums and your favourite music. These are definitely best in class when it comes to comfort and isolation.

Sound Quality : 4.5 on 5 :
As advertised, bass is the highlight here. It's clean and punchy while not overpowering the other frequencies. Bassheads, look away, this is not up your alley. The Mids are quite present while the highs too are noticeable, but only if you're looking for them. The highs are quite rolled off and lack the sparkle you'd get from balanced armature drivers. Don't get me wrong, for a single dynamic driver, these 215's kick some serious butt and I'm hearing things that I've missed out on some of my favourite tracks. As a package, they're brilliant and I can't ask for more.

Purchase Experience : 6 on 5 :
Raghav and the Headphonezone team, take a bow! I have honestly never experienced a more pleasant and involved set of people and I'm so glad I came across your website. The placing of the order was a piece of cake and the super-quick delivery was the icing on the top. I was initially quite hesitant to call and check if I could come down and try out a few options, but the team made me feel at ease and meeting them was an awesome experience. You guys are headed for the big league, I'm sure! Way to go!

If you like savouring solitude without breaking your bank, this could be it.

Good - Noise isolation works beautifully (active noise cancelling headphones are expensive and way too complicated for me), bass is moderate (compared to overwhelming bass of most cheap headphones in India), superb clarity across range. Call receive, microphone all works perfectly. Very comfortable too.

Bad - Only complaint, getting it off in a hurry is a challenge. It's not something that just pops out of the ear. That's the price of the foam noise suppression.

Haha, you complaint along with your review is awesome. We loved the title as well. Thanks for writing this amazing review :)

Damn Shure

Shure changed my world, Shure it did.

Very neutral sound

Sound is very neuttal
Voice clarity is good.
Upto 8 hr battery is good.
Light weight.

No bass
Cord hangs around neck (long wire)
Bluetooth connectivity is not great. (Frequent pauses)
Difficult to fit in (for small ears)

Pure Musical Bliss !!!!!! You get Emotional !!!!!

I've tried a lot of IEM's and earphones/headphones, the quality these IEM's produce is on another level.

This IEM is NOT about " Bass, Details, Soundstage, bright highs, Imaging etc." although it have all of it.

I want to rate these as Pure Musical Bliss..... you get MOTIVATED through sound, you get EMOTIONAL through sound.
This gets you INSPIRED and helps facing through daily rough times in life.
This kind of sound it produces.

PURE SHURE SOUND !!! Just love it.


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Sreekesh V

“Good Purchase with Good Delivery Experience !!!Delivery Experience - Extremely satisfied. The packaging was sufficient and delivered 2 days before the committed delivery experience. Delivered in almost 48 hrs.”

Kanchan Vaidya

“Good and quick delivery from Headphone zone and would recommend others to buy from them too. No issues from their end whatsoever.”

Ankit Sharma

“Amazing support from Headphones Zone team, this is my second product purchase. Delivery at critical times (COVID19), is just awesome, received my headphones one day before the committed time. Kudos to the team.”


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Joshua Sudeep

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Srinidhi Padukone

"Their commitment to customer satisfaction is beyond par. I requested them to deliver my replacement earphones to a newer location and they were ready to deliver. Such requests don't get entertained anywhere else."

Yaseen Samudri

"It's not one of the best; It is the best! The only website I truly trust to get my Ear candies from. The crew has great knowledge of the various products and I bet this tops off Amazon when it comes to audio gears. Kudos "

Reagan Lyngdoh

"Have you done something that you're really passionate about and found out that the results are outstanding? Well, I have just summed up Headphone Zone - a really passionate team."

Mohit Tannu

"Awesome experience. I am so so happy and my bf loved the earphones a lot and it was his pre birthday gift. Thank you for the great service as well."

Jennifer Yonzon

"Probably one of the best experience I have had right from buying till getting a item serviced. I don't think I have had such a smooth experience with an online shopping website. This is where your search ends."

Rima Patel

"Loved the customer support shown by Headphone Zone's team. They are all willing to help and clear your doubts. I can only say that there is no need to worry. Order you dream audio tech RIGHT NOW!"

Rajat Kaushal

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