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Audio-Technica - ATH-COR150

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The Audio Technica ATH-COR150 is one of the best budget earphones. Not only does it prove that powerful punchy music can be produced by tiny earphones but also are an attractive pair with their myriad colour combinations.

These in-ear earphones go a step ahead and even provide you with core bass technology. The  Core Bass offers full and heavy tones for rock, electronica and bass-driven metal - without sacrificing clarity.

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These advanced-fit in-ears come equipped with snap-on, snap-off ear hooks for the latest in comfort and wearing stability. Snap them on if you prefer an over-the-ear cord-fit engineered to keep the Core Bass headphones perfectly in place in the gym or out and about, regardless of your activity level. Snap them off if you prefer a more traditional fit.

The included cord wrap makes your life easier, preventing your cords from tangling.


  • Core Bass

    The Audio Technica ATH-COR150 promises you its immersive bass and raspy sound, making you love these earphones. Power-packed and a device for truly great sonic experience, the COR150 ranks high in its bass reproduction.

    Removable Oval Hangers

    These earphones seem greater when you get to know that you are allowed to customise your comfort. The oval wing tips are removable and you can add it to your earphones whenever you feel the need to especially when on a run or working out in a gym.

    What's in the box:

    • Audio-Technica - ATH-COR150 earphones
    • Snap-on, snap-off oval hanger
    • 3 x Pairs of silicone Ear Tips (S, M, L)

  • In-ear
    8.5 mm Dynamic Drivers

    20Hz - 25,000Hz

    16 Ohms
    1.2m U-type cable

    3.5mm Gold Jack

  • One Year

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