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V-MODA - Crossfade Wireless

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The Crossfade Wireless has been through years of precise engineering to design and tune it to the highest point of excellence. V-MODA has improved the renowned Crossfade M-100 signature sound for virtually identical wired and wireless playback.

"Our best sounding analog wired over-ear yet... that also has a wireless mode" -Val Kolton, V-MODA's CEO

The Crossfade Wireless has a 50 mm Patented Dual Diaphragm which along with its ergonomic fit ensures an immersive listening experience. These headphones have a battery life of 12 hours and an be used wired and wirelessly.

Customer Reviews

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It is the best headphones. Build quality is awesome. Sound quality is damn good. You can just put them on and forget everything around you. Thanks to headphone zone for beat service. I got it before time. Worth the money.

Hey Akshay, that's V-MODA for you. You were so enthusiastic about it that you uploaded pictures too! That's awesome. You may use post a selfie or a nice picture of the product and post it on Instagram, with the hashtag #headphonezone. Talk about what music is to you. We shall feature you on our website and handles :)
Almost Flawless. Almost!

Really happy with the sound. Even out of the box it blew everyone who heard from them, away. For me coming from an RHA T20 the sound was pretty good and the big drivers, do help with the Bass. They are only going to get better.
Agree with Abhinav regarding the connectivity piece and the battery life at this point seems to be around 8 hrs (listening), but need to confirm that as I have gone through only 2 cycles.
Hopefully the lack of the Apt X driver would not make the Bluetooth output in the future significantly different. Do consider the XL pads cause the default set seems to be small for my ears.
The Headphonezone team as usual awesome, Thanks guys and gals! Got my shields laser engraved even though I had put the design in just an hour before they were about to ship out(originally). The process does take a couple of days so that's something to keep in mind.
Note - Review is within 1 week of purchase.

Wow Mayank, thanks for writing in my man. We have a request of you. We don't have any picture of our lovely customers with their own personal logo design shields. Can you post a picture of you wearing those on instagram or facebook with the #headphonezone hashtag? Or you can simply send an email to with the picture. We would be really grateful to you :)
Style, sound & sturdiness

V-Moda Crossfade for you is wow!
Mine being a bass head, always wished for something that when worn would shake my earlobes & shatter my soul when DJ drops the bass!
Guess what - this piece of delight does even more with decent maintenance of lows, mids & highs with punchy treble & distinction of different musical instruments.
Overall, it stands quite upto my expectations. And cherry on the cake being the legendary deal that I stole off by saving some 8k bucks on these quarter a lakh originally priced headphones (thanks to headphonezone).
The looks are mind blowing with fantastic customization options avl. at (although the ones I liked are fucking more expensive than the product price itself). With such a big investment on your desires for a classy headphone, the sturdy military level durability keeps your mind relaxed about these falling or your friends handling it recklessly for a checkout. And trust me, you feel the swag & a little proud when people ask - "O Bhaai! Ye konse khatarnak se headphones le aaya :)". Last but not the least, you never miss to hear your favourite track on your favourite headphones even when the battery dies (thanks to V-MODA for accommodating the option of playing it with intangible classy looking 'one mic button' wire).
Just 3 cons:
1. The company fitted cushion padding hurts the outer ear & is discomforting when worn for extended period. But there are XL cushions available separately for that to be taken care of
2. The Bluetooth connectivity is OK but not great. It looses connection various times. Also, the 'v' switch starts playing music all over again instead of resuming when used for pause operation
3. A slight itching is felt sometimes (maybe due to unavoidable static current as mentioned in the user manual). Not sure if it can really be listed as a con!

Just go for it if you looking for a premium pair of Bluetooth headphones with solid looks & sound that would make people around you go totally crazy & ofcou...

The Beasts

I am in love with these Headphones, Earlier I was using Skullcandy Crushers and they made me addicted to this Unreal Bass
But now with the Vmoda I have a better take on the Sound Quality.
I am not an Audiophile, I was actually looking for a Wireless Headphones but these gave me more than I ever Expected.
Suddenly I started using them too much, The Battery Lasts around 11 - 12 hours easy , so I don't charge them for 3-4 days

The Built Quality is Amazing, Also the Design is Catches Eyes
The EarCushions help in Noise Cancellation, so I use them while Skateboarding too
Also I received them in Just 1 Day after they were shipped
Thanks to Headphone Zone Team for Helping me throughout
Though they are Expensive but I want to tell you they are worth Every Penny :)

Hey Aayush Thanks for sharing your experience. We are happy to know that you are enjoying your new headphones. We are more than happy to assist you. :)
Finest wireless headphones - New Definition of Sound

V-Moda - engineered to perfection.. Great Sound all in all.. Sound stage with a truly immersive experience.. Great combo of bass + neutral sound....Mids are truly edgy and sharp too.. Highs were amazingly perfect..Neat instrument separation.. The ear cushions could have been little bigger for more comfort..Noise isolation is good..To feel the best potential of v-moda please use a good music source (FLAC files).. True value for money.. Headphone zone - you guys are truly customer centric and delivered ahead of time..

Hey Nagi! Thank you for your kind words and we are glad you loved it so much. Amazing selfie, please post your picture on Instagram with a hashtag #headphonezone and we will surely feature you :) We would love to invite you to our Audiophile community on facebook called The Indian Audiophile Forum. Here, check it out: There are a lot of Audiophiles there sharing their gear, their audio files, engaging on hot new releases and simply talking the audiophile lingo.