January 09, 2017

CES 2017 saw much glitter this year, after Focal coming up with the most exuberant Headphones on this planet comes Onkyo  unveiling their new diamond encrusted headphones that are surely meant for the crème de la crème. Onkyo's 20 carats of diamond is an luxurious update to their H900M .These exquisite "Bling Kings" have been priced at whopping $100,000. 

Thanks to Onkyo, throwing on a pair of fancy rose gold Beats headphones is no longer a status symbol. And to get that question out of your head, yes these are made from real Diamonds and are rated between G-Hon and VVS-VS which in GIA's scale shows clarity of Diamonds. And if you are not satisfied yet, they have also added a ring over the right ear which is made of rubies. Whilst, the left is made of more diamonds.Even the 3.5mm headphone cord is studded with diamonds which act as buttons for control.

Other components of the headphone are made with stainless steel and white leather which is believed to be “Ostrich look-alike leather”. The headband is handcrafted too, and thus you wont expect it to be mass-produced (Obviously). They are strictly 'Made to Order' and take weeks to decorate. And  even if you somehow have $100,000 to spare for just a pair of headphones, getting yourself these isn’t gonna be easy as they already have a long waiting list. 

We don’t have any technical specs on the size of the drivers, or the power behind these high resolution audio headphones because Onkyo simply isn’t marketing, or selling them, to audiophiles. With somewhere around 2,000 actual diamonds embedded on either side, measuring well over 20 carats with near colorless clarity, the Onkyo Diamond Headphones will only be appearing on the heads of celebrities, famous musicians, and other ‘invited friends’ of Gibson. And oh, the celebrities rocking-off an iPhone 7, you have just saved yourself a hundred grand as these don't work wirelessly.

Onkyo is also showing off a similarly decorated pair of W800BT in-ear headphones, although if they were ours we'd be a bit nervous about taking them out and about with us.There's no word on the pricing yet for the W800BTs. But, this level of craftsmanship doesn't come cheap.

While we are still gasping, you might want to read about the French hi-fi specialist Focal's Utopia Tournaire jewel-encrusted design which it is claiming is "the most expensive pair of headphones in the world". 

Have a look at our other updates from CES 2017 or #AskHeadphoneZone for other queries and let us know your $100,000 plans in the comments section below.




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