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This product is eligible for a replacement if the return request is raised within 7 days of delivery, and ONLY in the unfortunate event that it is found to be defective. This policy is not applicable to customers who are not happy with the product.

Once the manufacturing defect has been confirmed by our inspection team, we will provide a replacement of the originally ordered product. In case of replacements not being available, you can choose another variant, full store credit or a full refund will be provided.

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  • Natural Sound

    A low noise dual Field-Effect Transistor (FET) is directly coupled with a Class A DC amplifier configuration without a coupling capacitor. This leads to a large amount of information being processed and thus, you are left with audio that sounds natural; as though it were being played right in front of you.

    Improved Tonal Quality

    STAX has improved upon its previous driver units’ emitters to bring us the current one and in turn, a better output. This reproduces a wide range of frequencies and an overall improved tonal quality.

    Listen Loud

    The SRM-353X excels at creating a large sound without any distortion. The custom-made 4 gang volume control with 2-axis ensures that your music sounds crystal-clear even at high volumes.

    Always Stay Connected

    Now, you don’t have to worry whether you can connect your audio device with the STAX SRM-353X. This driver unit comes with both—an RCA input terminal as well as an XLR balanced input terminal.

    Beauty at its Best

    Apart from sound, the SRM-353X also excels in its looks. The non-magnetic aluminium alloy chassis gives it an elegant look. The silver finish adds an extra shine to this driver unit.

    Music at its Freshest

    Each component is handpicked so that you only get the best. Each element is inspected so that there is no ageing and your music sounds as fresh as it was on day 1.


  • Specifications

    Type: All-stage semiconductors, Low-noise dual FET input Class A operation, Pure balance DC amplifier configuration Earspeaker driver unit

    Frequency Response: DC to 90,000Hz (with 1 SR-L series Earspeaker) High Harmonic Distortion: Max 0.01% (1kHz at 100V r.m.s. with SR-L500)

    Gain: 60dB (x1000)

    Input Terminal: 1 RCA with 1 RCA parallel out and XLR

    Rated Input Level: 100mV / 100V Outputs

    Max. Input Level: 30V (at minimum volume level)

    Input Impedance: 50KΩ(RCA) 50KΩx2(XLR)

    Max. Output Voltage: 400V r.m.s. (1kHz)

    Standard Bias Voltage: PRO 580V x 2

    Power Voltage Frequency: 117V (50Hz / 60Hz)

    Power Consumption: 30W

    Temperature & Humidity: 0 to 35ºC / 90% max. without condensation

    Dimensions: 5.9 (W) x 3.9 (H) x 14.2 (D) in

    Weight: 6.6lbs

    Colour: Silver 


  • In the Box

    1. STAX - SRM-353X Driver Unit


  • Warranty

    Don’t sweat it, This Stax product is covered by a 1 Year manufacturer's warranty.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Floor-standers over your ears

Before I start: HPZ was kind enough to send me an "Audiophile" T-Shirt along with the package. Thank you for the nice gesture!

I shall not waste your time commenting about the sound quality of these excellent ear-speakers/drivers, instead I'll focus on the overall experience. I am a staunch iem guy, disliked headphones for its ergonomics. STAX made me an immediate convert after the Headphone Connect - Hyderabad (11/24/2019). I was ready to place them on my head, literally; for their sound.

SR-L700 (TOTL Lambda) - I was in dilemma between L700 and L300 LTE. I went with 700 as its diaphragm supposedly belongs to the superior Omega series. Better headbands, real lamb leather lined ear cushions. Resulting in better seal and comfort.

SRM-353X - One of the best out of the box drivers for STAX. Powerful, pro bias; better than 252S. I'm using it in fully balanced mode from DX221.
DSD flows smoothly without the need for any EQ whatsoever.

@Team HPZ.in
Thanks to Mr. Raghav Somani (CEO) for putting my purchasing apprehensions to rest.
Shout out to Mr. Salim for the excellent communication, his availability to answer my queries and shipping it out fast. Received the items within 24Hrs, the very next day.
My only gripe - I am T-Shirt size L, but I received an XL Size. I guess I shouldn't be complaining for a freebie :)

Enjoy the unboxing of my first electrostats: STAX SR-L700 + SRM-353X
Youtube Video Link: https://youtu.be/AABQqx97EeQ

Thanks a ton for your elaborate review!