The Sony MDR XB950BT Review

by Reedhi Mukherjee February 24, 2015

Sony has always been that one trusted brand. Every product by this company has always been kept in the highest regards. Though when it comes to headphones, it might not be every audiophile’s favourite choice, but recently Sony’s XB series has taken everyone by storm. Efficiently offering outstanding bass, the XB series is slowly climbing the ladder to great mid-range and premium headphones. The Sony MDR XB950 BT is the first of its kind, and a real keeper at that. This is the only headphone that has been said to handle the extra bass and the Bluetooth feature with élan. From the design to the sound, the XB950BT is quickly emerging as one of the best mid-range headphones. Fantastic Bluetooth compatibility and a real promise-keeper at its bass, these headphones are here to stay.


Two words- very classy, that is exactly how we choose to define the design of these headphones. Whoever designed the XB950BT did a magnificent job of it. The faux-leather padded headband is just the right size and sits snugly on your head. The headband is made of metal and the padding helps in its great fit. Also, the ear-pads are padded with the same faux-leather that is used in the headband. Even though its imitation leather, it still instils that premium feeling when you have them because of the way it has been designed. The ear-pads have a frosty red lining that adds that extra class to these headphones. They clamp perfectly and a sure set of headphone to be worn for longer hours.

The headphones have a swivel folding mechanism that makes them very easy to carry around while you are travelling. Another great feature to these headphones is the in-build volume, play/pause toggle and a mic that makes every experience with these on so convenient. The Sony MDR XB950BT allows for a superb hands-free audio experience that is sure to take your breath away.


The sound is versatile and does keep to its promise of extra bass. You can listen to any genre with these headphones and you will not be disappointed even for a bit. It has 40mm drivers and amazing over ear cans that surround your ear giving you stellar music at every decibel. It has an Electro Bass Booster system that you can choose to turn on and off according to your bass needs. The bass enhancer, hence uses its DSP to accentuate and give you better music even at lower frequencies. The headphones have been designed with a Direct Vibe Structure which includes two diaphragms inside the rear and front portion of the driver units. Seriously, the sound is amazing. It can even be used in noisy environments because these headphones manage to give you the precise noise isolation you would desire.

Battery life

Sony promises 20 hours of playback time which, is a massive amount of time and completely unreal. They are not lying! Use these headphones for two weeks or more and count how many times you charge these beasts. You will be surprised because it will be negligible.

Overall, these headphones are actually one of the best mid-range headphones, and this fact cannot be stressed enough.

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Reedhi Mukherjee
Reedhi Mukherjee

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