September 23, 2015

Arun Tenzing


Casual Music Listener

Arun Tenzing tells us what he thinks about Shure - SE846


Design & Build

As the IEM features four drivers, it is on the larger side. Fitting the device takes some time as the cable loops over and around the ear, but it is a bit difficult fitting the monitor into the ear due to its design and size. A large selection of rubber and foam tips are provided and choosing the ideal fit ensures comfort and sound isolation.

Sound & Performance

The detailing is outstanding. The dedicated 'subwoofer' provides deep bass that is controlled and not muddy. It can play ridiculously loud without distortion. The blue filter was fitted as I felt that the neutral filter was suppressing some brightness. A dedicated media player that can handle its low impedance of 16ohms is highly recommended when spending such an amount on these IEMs. However, the transparency and dimensionality that can be provided with planar magnetic drivers is missing.


Audio Gear Used

I use a Sony z1 and iphone 6 plus while travelling. My desktop is linked to a NAD D 3020.

Final Verdict

The Shure SE 846 is an exceptional product that offers class leading audio quality. However, I do prefer the sound put out by planar magnetic based units from Magnepan or Hi-Fi man.


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