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Sony - NW-A45

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    Use Wirelessly
    with Bluetooth

    45 Hours of
    Battery Life

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    Go Wireless

The revolutionary Sony NW-A45 is built with Wireless Bluetooth Connectivity and NFC Technology that helps you get rid of wires, pair with your Bluetooth or NFC compatible headphones and conveniently listen to your favourite songs on the go!


    Effortless Touch Control

Switching between tracks, adjusting the settings or creating playlists doesn't have to be a task anymore. The 3.1-inch wide, full-colour screen makes navigation effortless for you to operate your device without the slightest of difficulty.

    Cut the Noise Out

Don't let unwanted noise hamper your music listening experience. Use the Noise Cancelling feature to zone out of your surroundings and into the world of music. The best part is, you don't need a pair of noise cancelling headphones to do the job! This device is equipped with Digital Noise Cancellation technology.


    Ambient Sound Mode

Be safe and sound while listening to your music. Change to the Ambient Sound Mode to let the essential ambient sound in along with your music and be in touch with your surroundings.




    Enjoy 45 Hours of Music

    With an amazing battery life, The Sony NW-A45 lets you enjoy longer music listening hours by providing 45 Hours of playback on One Quick Charge. Now have those long hours of listening sessions just on a single charge.

    Have All Your Music on One Device

    Quit feeling sorry for not having the songs you feel like listening to. On your Sony NW-A45, you can have a variety of songs to choose from when you want. It comes with 16GB Internal Memory and an additional 128GB expandable memory with a microSD card slot that lets you store all your favourite songs on your device.


  • Specifications

    DAC CXD-3778GF
    BATTERY LIFE 45 Hours
    BLUETOOTH VERSION Bluetooth v4.2
    WEIGHT 98 g
    BOX CONTENTS Sony - NW-A45 Walkman
    USB Cable
    Startup Guide
    Instruction Manual
  • Warranty

    Don’t sweat it, This Sony product is covered by a 1 Year manufacturer's warranty.
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Warranty 1 year 1 year 1 year 1 year
Volume Controls 2-Button 2-Button 2-Button Analog wheel
Battery Life 45 Hours 10 Hours 
 12 Hours 15 Hours
Carry pouch No No
Should You Buy?
Our Verdict

High-resolution portable digital music player with Bluetooth® and FM tuner. It also comes with LDAC support.

A well-built Hi-Res player with an easy-to-use navigation dial, astounding sound stage and high sonic quality.

An entry-level Digital Audio Player from Cayin which can also be used as an USB DAC & SPDIF Signal Transmitter.

An ultra-compact budget-friendly player with a 1.54-inch touchscreen and Native DSD support.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Falling in love with Wonder W(oman)alkman !!!

If you're looking for a standalone lossless player has quality to it but don't want to spend a fortune on higher end players, Then the Sony Walkman NW-A45 is a great option, you won't believe the sound you get from her, I was blown away to hear every note so clearly, get one, you won't be disappointed !!

It's purely a music player. So there's no extra features to clutter it up.
Expandable storage, some forums say 400GB microsd works fine .
No need for extra software to sync your music library
It's not too big.
Screen is sharp and clear
Touch screen works very well
Simple to navigate

Cable is proprietary, have to carry an extra cable for the a45 itself.

Love at first listen

This is just what I wanted. You only play for audio quality and nothing more. I love how Sony doesn't deal with any other bull**** on this device other than music. Its all about music, Use your phone if you want to see photos or watch videos. The USB DAC function works so perfectly. I was amazed to hear the audio quality beat my laptop's audio so embarrassingly (MSI laptop worth 1 lac). Even though I don't listen to much hip-hop, the few songs I listened to blew my mind because of the clean bass even though I use Beyerdynamic Byron which are not really bass heavy earphones. I mostly listen to black metal which has a lot of distortions in the background and this device lets you hear every minor detail in the track.

Pros: smooth, lag-free UI (A big reason I git them over Cayin N3)
very good audio quality
tactile hardware buttons feel satisfying to click
good build quality and very tasteful industrial design
UI has no learning curve, I figured everything out in 10 mins and the UI makes sense with swipes in all 4 directions which makes it very easy to navigate.
USB DAC works very well
Portable size
very good screen quality for a music player
volume level is more than enough, volume steps are also small so you can fine tune (100)

Proprietary cable
only 5 band EQ. I think they should have implemented 10 band EQ.
settings has options for 2 sony earphones so you feel like you're missing out on something if you don't have those earphones.

Disclaimer: my review is based on using Beyerdynamic Byron (balanced sound) and RHA MA 390 universal (leaning on warm side)

I'm at peace

I never expected to have invested in a digital audio player after all these years. Learning about Hi-res audio made the difference. After some comparison with other brands i felt that this was a better choice and i went for it. I could not have been happier with my decision. First of all, It seems like i've gone back to simpler times with being more invested in music rather than constantly going through my phone. Apart from that, i've compared it with my iPhone's and computer's playback quality using the same earphones(sony IER 500) and it definitely sounds better there straight out of the box, but i strongly suggest giving it some time, and get use to the sounds it produces and adjust the equaliser in the DAP, an iPhone does not have this. Also, an iPhone's sound output is already preset and enhanced by software, and i was too accustomed to it at first. Once you get use to using the equaliser and determining your own setting the difference is clearly set apart with the DAP's playback sounds more natural and balanced. You can kick the base up if you'd like, and genres with base heavy soundtracks sounds very heavy, whereas, rock & roll and other genres with a kick-drum sound very much like they would. Its nice that i can choose whether i don't want someone banging my head when i don't want to, or maybe 'm just getting old.
Even iTunes in Mac compared to VLC player, the latter is way better. The DAP gets close to the latter; although with my sony earphones in particular, it took some time since the earphones needed to be worn in. Also, the earphones lets in too much ambient noise. But the difference was quickly realised when when my room was isolated from noises.
Over it is a more energetic experience to be listening to music in a high-res DAP. You'd get that feeling of excitement every-time you listen to it after you've tried it once.

awesomeness!! pure sound.

Was thinking if im investing in a rightt thing. I dont regret. You have a lot of presets, eq, as well as manual and automatic presets. Loving the sound. The only con is proprietary charging cable and high res logo missing. But im nitpicking it

Good but not Great

Wonder why Sony WH-1000XM2 are not included in the headphones. Be carefull of cable as you wont find them easily. Otherwise OK.

No Brainer Player

Finally I get a chance to write a review in this section.
Design – not that big absolutely handy.
Ease of use – this one section deserves more than five stars. I am personally a surgeon, and I usually don’t get enough of time like any college going student to listen to a song. Somewhere in the background someone plays a song and listen and I want to download it. Before this I had two iPods, though these are one of the finest devices on the earth, every time I have to put a song in the device I have to use the desktop or laptop to copy one song from computer to the iPod and this was quite a tedious process.
And iTunes update is one more hell of Tedious job.
This new Sony NW A45 Is one hell of a simple device. Plug it, and becomes a mass storage device, find songs, drag and drop the songs. Trust me in a fraction of a second I was done with my job and started listening through the Sony N 45.
The best part of this is it has a Bluetooth connection to your wireless headphones. Ha ha wow this is eternal bliss. No leakage of the quality of the sound whatsoever.
NFC is One more super easy task to pair the wireless earphones