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Sony - MDR-XB950AP

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The Sony - MDR-XB950AP is the wired version of its predecessor Sony - MDR-XB950BT. It is an over-ear closed back headphone that comes with added bass emphasis to every beat and is credited to the Electronic Bass Boost circuitary.It is designed for today's bass-heavy music, picking up every possible sub bass note. 

The XB950AP is very comfortable and lightweight. Its sleek design conforms to any head size, making long music sessions a treat. Although built of plastic, its joints and braces are extremely durable and sturdy. The headband is engineered from metal and retains all the solidity. The detachable cord has a convenient in-line remote and microphone, so you can take hands-free calls whenever they come through on your Android smartphone or iPhone. Swiveling ear pads allow for easy transportation.

  • Intense Bass Connectivity

    The Dynamic driver balances the rhythm and gives more depth and clarity in everything you listen to. The music makes you move your feet, voice that sways your heart and beat response control accurately reproduces deep rhythm & beats.

    Bass Response Control for Tight Bass

    Bass Response Control technology used in the driver delivers tight, deep bass response, making it perfect for low-end focused music styles. An air vent maximises airflow within the low frequency range  which optimises the efficiency of the diaphragm, enabling more accurate bass reproduction.

    High Energy Neodymium Magnets

    The pairing of a Lightweight and dynamic 40mm Neodymium  driver unit and highly sensitive diaphragm delivers that punchy, rhythmic response. You can turn up the volume and still hear clear, distortion free sound.

    Complete Comfort

    The headphones sport a metal headband with a soft head cushion, and around-the-ear pads for a snug, comfortable fit. Aluminium has been used for the housing fascia. This light but rigid material gives a premium look and feel, while suppressing vibration for deep, punchy beats.

    Flat Folding Portable Earcups

    It has a folding design as well which makes it easy to carry around everywhere. Apart from offering portable comfort it also looks pretty sleek and will allow you to make an elegant style statement.

    In-line Mic &amp Smartphone

    The cord has a convenient in-line remote and microphone, so you can take hands-free calls whenever they come through on your Android smartphone or iPhone.


  • Over-Ear
    40 mm Dynamic

    In-Built Mic
    3Hz - 28,000Hz

    24 Ohms
    1.2m Litz Wire, Y Type 

    L-shaped Gold-plated Four-Conductor Stereo Mini

    106 dB @ 1 kHz

    1. Sony - MDR-XB950AP Headphones

    2. Operating Instructions


    One Year 

    Authorized Service Partner: SONY INDIA

    Manufacturer's Warranty covers only manufacturing defects. To claim warranty, please maintain a copy of your invoice and Contact  Sony India.

  • "These sound really nice. I expected them to cost more. Tried them at Bestbuy. I expected them to be either extremely V shaped or completely muffled. I was very surprised. Clear, and bassy. "

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Customer Reviews

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How to buy this headphone

1)Go to the website.
2)Close your eyes and buy this.
3)Thank me later.
From looks, to audio quality... this one is a masterpiece. I'm not exaggerating a bit. Especially for bassheads, you'll fall in love in the first sight with this headphones. Definitely a must buy.

Haha, one of the best reviews we have read, your blind love for this product is amazing. It is pretty famous for its bass, you got that right :) Thank you for leaving a review
Way too bassy

First of all 5/5 for the delivery and the packaging, thanks to the HeadphoneZone.
Now coming to the review, I felt its way too bassy in most of the songs. I knew it will have EXTRA BASS, as its clearly written in the packaging but didn't know that the extra bass will ruin the clarity of the songs and the music. Its only recommended for bass heads, who only want headphone for listening bassy music. Well one thing is clear I am not a bass head and still searching for the best pair of headphone for myself.

Emotion and weight

It takes you into the world of music with emotion, weight and space. It brings joy to any kind of music. It reminds me of what makes listening to music so enjoyable. I am a fan. There is a sense of a large hall like presentation. The mids are recessed with plenty of detail. Vocals and instruments sound delightfully weighty. I seem to like it. The highs are recessed but seems fairly extended to give that sparkle. The bass, needless to say, is insane. It can be overwhelming at higher volumes, so I have to reduce the volume. What the weighty bass does is to create a dark background for the vocals and string instruments to shine and gather attention. The bass isolates you from the environment, creates a large hall like feeling. The recessed mids mean that the vocals and string instruments appear to be coming from a delightful distance, it's not like everything is close to your ears. Instrument separation and imaging is also good and enjoyable. Excellent stereo imaging. All of this is probably due to the ear seal it achieves, it kinda allows the sound from the drivers to reach your ear without losing much, also allowing some space between the ears and the driver.

Warning: If you compare it side side with other headphones you will find it veiled and boomy. Do yourself a favor, give it some lone time. It is a headphone that takes some time getting used to. Sound is after all experienced in the head. Although, some tracks can really make is shine from the get go.

Ironically, I seem to think it works best for western classical music and vocals because of the fullness is brings to the sound of the instruments. I wasn't a fan of it listening to EDM because the bass was probably too much and boomy.

Easily driven by a phone. Compressed music also sounds lush and full. Passive noise isolation is decent, but the engaging sound does the remaining half.

Great product. Value for money. Best and cheapest price offfered by headphones zone.

Great product. Value for money. Best and cheapest price offfered by headphones zone. You will love listening to music on this set of headphones. Rich and vibrant output.

Hey Aloysius! are you Serious? Thank you for your appreciation :)

Sony - MDR-XB950AP

Thank you for your kind words Avilash :P