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SoundMAGIC - E10C (Unboxed)

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You save Rs. 200/- buying the unboxed SoundMAGIC - E10C 

This unboxed SoundMAGIC - E10C  has been professionally inspected for any defectives and it carries the same warranty as a brand new. Our in-house Inspection Specialist has checked the product and it contains all the original accessories.


You will get the same Headphone Zone unconditional customer support experience for these SoundMAGIC - E10C  Earphones. Also, our return policy stays the same.

It is pretty much the same boxed SoundMAGIC - E10C, but available at a lower price just because it doesn't have the outer packaging. Besides, within the package, you will find a Checklist Card that would be marked individually stating that all items have been verified to be in good condition. You will also find a Headphone Zone Certificate stamped and signed authenticating the product.

What you will get:

  • SoundMAGIC - E10C Earphone
  • Two types of S/M/L silicone eartips
  • Double flange silicone tips
  • Cable clip
  • Carrying case
  • Cellphone Adapter
  • computer Adapter

  • What you will NOT get:

  • Original SoundMAGIC - E10C Packaging

    • For the last 6 years, the SoundMAGIC - E10S has successfully achieved in providing awesome bass and captivating treble at a very affordable price. It has won innumerable awards and has become a music delight for the audiophiles. Now, the E10C retains the performance of previous E10S model and adds a three button mic and remote compatible with all smartphones, allowing the listener to adjust volume, skip tracks, start and stop their music and answer phone calls on the go. Its offers a balanced bass with detailed music experience and a more realistic soundstage with natural vocals.
      • 10mm Dynamic Drivers

        Experience detailed high quality sound with its dynamic drivers which deliver powerful, precise and natural sounding bass. These earphones go exceptional well with any music genre.

        Clear, Warm and Bassy Sound

        The E10C provides a warm and bass-heavy sound that is apt for bass lovers. The sound performance is much better than those earphones at the same price.

        All Metal Construction

        Just like the SoundMAGIC - E10S, the E10C all metal construction makes them durable without compromising on comfort and lightness.

        Universally Compatible Three Button Mic and Remote

        SoundMAGIC - E10C offers a compatible three button mic which allows you to use these earphones with any device. Unlike the E10S, the E10C does not come with a toggle switch. The E10C has a three button remote that does the detective work automatically, so you don’t need to fiddle with switches. Those extra two buttons mean you can skip tracks and change volume as well as pause your music, so there’s no need to keep fishing your phone out of your pocket. You can also answer phone calls using the remote.

        Twisted-pair Hifi Cable

        E10C cable has a strong tensile strength and they protect the core to extend the life of the earphones. The twisted design prevents the earphones to get tangled.

        Multiple Eartips

        The E10C comes with six pairs of silicone ear-tips in various sizes, so that you can choose the one which comfortably fits. Apart from this, it also gives superior sound isolation.

        A Multitude of Accessories

        Apart from the multitudinous eartips, the earphones also come with small carry case, to protect your earphones from external damage.
      • In-Ear

        10mm Drivers

        Three Button Microphone 

        18Hz - 22000Hz

        Twisted-Pair Hifi Cable

        3.5mm 60 Degree Metal Jack


        100 dB @ 1 kHz


        One Year

        Manufacturer's Warranty covers only manufacturing defects. For more details, check our Warranty Page.

        To claim warranty, please maintain a copy of your invoice and Contact Acro Engineering Company (authorised service center) at

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      SoundMAGIC - E10C (Unboxed)

      5 star

      SoundMAGIC - E10C (Unboxed)