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Audeze - Mobius

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Audeze - Mobius (Refurbished)

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Audiophile Sound from Audeze

Imagine a headphone with Audeze’s award-winning planar magnetic technology and Waves Nx Technology. This is what the Mobius delivers. This adds a realistic and detailed touch to your 3D experience and brings audiophile sound to the gaming world.



Audeze's Proprietary Transducer Technology

Unlike other wireless and gaming headphones that use dynamic drivers, the Mobius uses Audeze's patented planar magnetic drivers that give you a powerful sound.

Strong & Power

The fluxor magnets used in Audeze's drivers are 2 times stronger than the commonly available Neodymium magnets.

No Noise, Only Pure Sound

For a better sound, the diaphragms use an ultra-thin film technology. These were originally developed for the NASA space program.

Slim & Beautiful

The Mobius can effectively give you a feeling of space via the reflection of sound within a room.

Bigger is Better

The 100mm drivers give you a pure and highly accurate audiophile-grade sound. These ensure that every note in your music comes alive.

Cinematic Experience

With the 360 degree surround sound, feel whatever you are listening to come alive. Now, you don’t need to visit a theatre for a cinematic experience. Simply hit play on your favourite movie/media and wear the Mobius.


Superior Comfort

Experience enhanced comfort to play for long hours. The replaceable memory foam earpads are contoured to feel snug. The adjustable headband is padded with soft memory foam.

Crystal-Clear Sound

The Mobius lets you listen to every detail in your audio. Its removable boom mic gives you professional voice quality so that your friends can hear everything you say crystal-clear. This microphone has built-in volume controls, mute/unmute setting and noise cancellation.

Wireless Freedom

The Mobius’ Bluetooth functionality supports 3 times the data bandwidth when compared to other Bluetooth headsets. This ensures seamless and lag-free audio. AAC and LDAC make sure that you only get high-quality sound throughout its 10-hour battery life.


Stream Only Hi-Res Audio

LDAC is a Bluetooth audio codec developed by Sony. It operates without any down-conversion of the Hi-Res Audio content by transferring up to three times more data than other audio codecs. Thus you can enjoy high-resolution sound, even wirelessly






The Mobius identifies when you are moving and adjusts the direction of the sound accordingly so you can pinpoint the location of hidden enemies.


Integrated Head Tracking

Every tiny movement of your head (1000 times a second) can be detected and this lets the 3D emulation algorithm conduct sound localization.



The Mobius can effectively give you a feeling of space via the reflection of sound within a room.


Anatomy Calibration HRTF

Since the head and ear has a huge impact on 3D perception, the Mobius can personalise your listening experience. Simply input the head geometry and enjoy.


Technologically Advanced

For a better gaming experience, the Mobius pushes boundaries with advanced technology. It uses unique tech elements that no other headphone has been able to do

The most Critically Acclaimed Headphone Brand in the World

“Audeze is the only real champion to the throne of headphones. There’s no compromise with Audeze, and if you favor the bass end of the spectrum, you have probably been dreaming about some Audeze headphones for a while now. Each Audeze headphone has its own characteristics, but they off er the same level of quality across their range of products.”

– PickyEar.com



And the award goes to...The Audeze Mobius! This was Digit's top pick at the Zero1 Awards.





TRANSDUCER TYPE Planar transducer
DIAPHRAGM Ultra-thin Uniforce™
MAGNET TYPE Neodymium N50, Fluxor Magnets
DSP Audeze Cipher DSP
AMPLIFIER Built-in balanced amplifier (output 1W)
THD 0.1% (1 kHz, 1 mW)
Wired Connection USB-C, USB-A, 3.5mm analog audio
MICROPHONE Detachable with separate volume control
WEIGHT 350g (including battery)
GRILL Closed Back
EARPADS Contoured memory foam: artificial leather
Audeze - Mobius Headphones
Detachable Microphone
USB-C to USB-C cable
USB-A to USB-C cable
Analog 3.5 mm cable
Quick Start Guide
User Guide and Warranty


Don’t sweat it, This Audeze product is covered by a 1 Year manufacturer's warranty.
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What the Press Say

"They truly do bring something new to the table with 3D audio and head tracking technology!"
"The soundstage the Mobius headphones exhibited was immensely wide that will especially appeal to gamers"
"These surround-sound gaming headphones made by a high-end audio company are perfect for games like 'PUBG'."
"The Audeze Mobius headphones will take in-game audio to the next level."
"These come with planar magnetic technology that give you a 360 degree profile and surround sound."
"It won’t only take care of your gaming audio requirements, enjoy superior performance while listening to music and movies."
"If you’ve never experienced audiophile-quality audio, you really don’t know what you are missing."
"For single players and casual gaming, this is really the only “gaming” branded audiophile choice on the market."

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Warranty 1 year 1 year 1 year 1 year
Sound V-Shaped V-Shaped Balanced Balanced
Housing Plastic Housing Metal Housing Hard Plastic Aluminium Housing
Ergonomics Over-Ear Over-Ear Over-Ear Over-Ear
Design Closed-Back Closed-Back Closed-Back Closed-Back
Bluetooth Connectivity v4.2 v4.1 v4.2 Low-Power Qualcomm CSR chipset
NFC No No Yes No
Noise Cancellation No No Active Noise Cancellation No
Mobile App Audeze HQ No Sony I Headphones Connect App PX app
Battery Life 10 Hours 14 Hours Max. 30 hours (NC ON)
Max. 38 hours (NC OFF)
Up to 12 Hours
Carry pouch No Exoskeleton Carry Case Carrying Case Protective Pouch
Should You Buy?
Our Verdict

One of Audeze's first wireless headphones you'll fall in love with wether it be gaming, movie watching, listening to music - the Mobius can be used for all.

Headphones with aptX & AAC Bluetooth audio codecs making it preferable for both Android & iOS users.

Noise Canceling Headphones with little-to-no interference from the ambient noise & better connectivity.

Flagship Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones with intricate design, amazing battery life & more importantly great sound quality.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Finest budget bluetooth headphones for Audiophiles

For people who are sensitive to noise cancellation, there aren't many options for a good pair of headphones. The Audeze mobius doesn't fit into this statement. Not only does Audeze offer a brilliant Gaming headphone but it also sounds better than any pair of headphones at this price. I was surprised at the brilliance of the bluetooth and planar magnetic integration. You even get featues like 7.1 surround sound, 3D audio and different modes like Warm, Flat, RPG etc. The inclusion of USB C, 3.5mm jack, USB A, Microphone is highly appreciated. This is best sound headphone that you can get at this price and If you don't like noise cancellation or prioritize sound quality of the addition of noise cancellation, you should definitely consider buying the Audeze Mobius.

Brilliant headphone

I am not a gamer so my main reason for purchase was viewing media and some music. I have bose soundsport so I was upgrading from that. At first instance the sound was good but I was wondering is the sound so much better than what I was using to pay three times more. But with more use I understood the difference. The sound clarity is amazing. Everything is clear while viewing movies. The experience is almost home theater like and that what I was looking to replace. I am hearing mostly via usb but Bluetooth is also very good. Only downside is I cannot answer calls from my phone unless I attach the Mike which I don't wanna use. But overall no one will be disappointed. Love it.

Nice Product

Its superb. My first 3d headset and it liket it very much...

Audiophile quality for gaming

Design and Comfort: Bit tight on the ears. Been using it since a week, so i guess it will take sometime to 'acquire' the share of my head as the cushions are nice. Bit heavy too. But it stays where it is once put on. Buttons have a nice feel to them and being on the left cup, you wont have to take your hand off the mouse to change a setting.
Sound: It did take some time for it to get 'burned-in', but the end quality was outstanding. Especially when playing an RPG or FPS. The EQ presets are nicely tuned. Bullets, footsteps, ambient sounds come alive. 7.1 does a good job. However, i did not find much use of the NX head tracking because during gaming, you rarely move your head. In Movies it was a nice feature to use. Will feel odd at first, the sensation of music sticking to one direction. Though you do not need it to enjoy the movie, it is nice to have.
Connectivity: Several ways to connect. I game using the USB C cable. Bluetooth was also nice. Near to no latency. But it is always better to use cables as the quality is at its best.
Mic: It was quite clear. Did not pick up ambient noise. However, it has to be quite close to the mouth to have a good volume without shouting. But if the mic gets close too mouth, it picks up breathing sounds. So try to find an ideal position and increase mic gain. You will get used to it.
Headphone Zone: I had ordered the Blue color, but they said it is out of stock a day later. Not an issue though. They sent the Copper version neatly packed 2 days later, as per my request.
Thank you for making such gear available in India at such prices and also for the timely delivery.

Overall: Will seem a bit expensive for Indian market, but for what it offers there is no alternative headset that you can check out. If you are serious about music and gaming, buy this. If you do casual listening, do not go for any Planar magnetic. But if you are extremely serious about sound and have money to spend, check Stax.

We are incredibly grateful that you took the time out to leave us this note. We look forward to serving you again.