Our team members share their experience 

Just so you know you're in good company

“The experience was definitely worthwhile. It was a great opportunity & a chance to gain practical knowledge. The office environment is very warm & welcoming.”

Shivani, Intern

“Like any 20 years old, I was confused too.Thanks to my mentors I learnt a lot of new things and got to explore fields that I didn't know existed.The highlight of working here is that you learn to appreciate music like never before."

Mahima, Marketing

“In the 3 years of being here at Headphone Zone, there as not been a single day when I have not felt the excitement as my role here involves talking to customers and obsessing over headphones throughout the day.”

Varun, Headphone Guru

“The day, I got associated with Headphone Zone I've been more educated about music and the right gear for having a beautiful music experience,teammates here are not just colleagues they are supporters.”

Karishma, Customer Happiness Officer

“It’s been 3 yrs, it’s definitely the most learning experience I have had. I still remember my interview and I had no idea back then that I’d come so far and work with these wonderful people.”

Samiksha, Escalation

“Well there's never been a dull day at Headphone Zone. In the last one year that I've been associated here it's been nothing but a crazy and a fulfilling journey. You can count on us like 1,2,3 because together we are a family."

Steffi, Customer Happiness Officer

“3yrs at Headphone Zone I have worked not in 1 or 2 but almost 4 departments now. There's no limit to learning new things at this place and that's my favourite part about working here. And of course, listening to high-end audiophile headphones.”