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The Urbanears Kransen offers an exceptional sound quality with powerful bass. It has a CableLoop solution, that keeps the cords neat and tidy which is coupled with the SnapConstruction feature that lets you connect the earbuds around your neck when not in use. It comes with an in-built mic and remote that lets you switch between answering calls and listening to music.

Kransen is built with a 10 mm dynamic unit and delivers powerful bass. It is available in many monochromatic colours and looks extremely stylish when in use.

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  • Cable Loop

    This patent-pending technology allows you to wrap the wires when not in use. It prevents the cords from being intertwined and makes them tangle-free.


    This feature enables you to join the ear buds together and wear them around your neck when they are not in use. This also helps make the wires more durable and last longer.

    Mic and Remote

    These earphones come with an in-line microphone and one-button remote. This allows you to receive calls, fast forward and rewind your tracks. It is compatible with several audio devices.

    Distinct looks and colours

    These stylish earphones come in an array of colours and look great when in use. The wires are extremely light and portable. They are available in shades of indigo, citrus, tomato, julep etc.

  • In-Ear


    20Hz - 20,000Hz

    16 Ohms


    3.5mm Gold Plug


    100 dB @ 1 kHz

    One Year

    Manufacturer's Warranty covers only manufacturing defects. For more details, check our Warranty Page.

    To claim warranty, please maintain a copy of your invoice and Contact Ingram Micro.
    Visit here to enter details of the problem and claim warranty.

  • "The Urbanears Kransen is a budget earphone pair that delivers intense bass response at a very affordable price."

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    "What you do get, and something I have visited before, is their “patent pending” cable loop right angle jack system and an idevice ready mic and remote on the left cable after the y-splitter and an interesting “SnapConstruction” locking system for the two ear driver units to come together as one."

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    "To make the Kransen even more organization-friendly, Ubranears gifted it with two additional features; the Snapconstruction and Cable Loop. The Snapconstruction allows the two earbuds to be connected on both ends making it easy to hang around ones neck when the Kransen is not in use. The Cable Loop, which is located near the earphone plug, makes it easy to wrap the cord and secure it in place. This makes untangling the already tangle-free cord even easier."

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