March 31, 2015


When it comes to headphones, the choice in front of people is as varied as the people themselves. Most of the time, when you are looking for good headphones or earphones, you already know the brand and the type you want. But what if I told you that there are headphones and earphones that go a step beyond just listening to music, being an athletic music lover or an audiophile? There is a world of different and seriously unique headphones that people do not know about. Let us walk through a few of them here:





Recently, a valued customer asked us if we sold one-sided headphones but unfortunately, we didn’t. It made us very curious and we decided to find out more about it. You might think people  wouldn’t  need single-sided headphones, but here is what is interesting, there are brands that specialize in making headphones for those who have unilateral or single sided deafness, and for those who like to opt for a single sided listening experience in the studio or while on the run. Brand such as Numark and Yuni build highly specialised products for the same. Numark’s Redphone is ergonomically designed with just one can and a cushioned DJ stick allowing for DJs and people with unilateral deafness to function with utmost mobility. They come with 50mm drivers that give you great sound at all frequency levels.

Yuni claims to be the manufacturer of the world’s first headphones for people who have unilateral deafness and for those who prefer single sided monitoring in the studio. It comes with two separate speakers placed in the headphones and uses the ear’s natural talent of localizing music. Therefore, with the help of the two speakers you can identify the origin of the sound even if you are listening to it just from one ear. The Yuni is a must have for people who have unilateral deafness because of their innovative and thoughtful engineering.


Headphone Zone - BEDPHONES
A concept designed by mechanical engineer Eric Dubs,Bedphones have been specifically designed to be worn to bed. Dubs addressed the problems of people who have a habit of watching shows on their laptops while in bed, but no headphone or earphone was comfortable.Until, he developed Bedphones which are extremely comfortable and can be worn while lying down. They give you good sound and come with a pouch that makes them travel ready. Also, the inline microphone allows for uninterrupted conversations. Headphones such as the Bedphones make one realise how far the world has come in innovations and technology.


Headphone Zone - Sleephones

Designed to be worn in bed, these headphones are a tad different from the Bedphones.The Sleepphones were designed by a family physician to help his patients sleep peacefully without the use of any medication or drugs. These headphones have thin speakers that are placed under sleek and stretchy bands that are soft and comfortable enough to be worn in bed while sleeping. It comes with a plug-in cord that helps you plug it into your music player so that you can fall asleep. You can listen to all sorts of audio on the Sleepphones making them extremely usable. They come with noise cancellation too. So, when you are trying to fall asleep and need to block out ambient noises and snoring, these headphones are the way to go! It is a great idea to carry these on a long flight. They have a comfortable headband design which makes them optimum for use for long hours.



Molami, well known as a stylish brand of headphones for women, has a unique headphone in its credit. The Twine is a headphone that looks like a stylish headband made with chiffon, silk and satin detailing, but on closer look one realises that it has two speakers that provide precise music and stereo quality sound because of their open design. It is very stylish and the usage of great textiles also makes this item quite comfortable. A great headphone that can be paired with your favorite clothes, these headphones are unique because of the their high style quotient and ultimate convenience.



These earphones are merely at their formative stage right now. Currently just a concept, these earphones have been designed to be wirelessly connected to your MP3 or smartphones while also allowing ambient noise to filter in for situational awareness while you are on a run. They are shaped in a semi-circle manner to be placed just above your ear while simultaneously keeping your ears open. As these are still a concept and have not been produced yet, it is hard to predict the promise.



Bone conduction headphones are those headphones in which rather than being placed inside your ear, it's placed outside and the sound emitted uses your skull bone to travel through and reach your ear. It is a great innovation that not many people know of. Created to fundamentally avoid deafness, these headsets actually use your bone to supply music to you. The sound produced it just as good as regular in-ear/over-ear headphones. You could try using the Panasonic RP-HGS 10, that uses this technology. Also, bone conduction headphones use the output of your MP3 player or your smartphone to reproduce the music for you.



These wireless earphones make most people very curious. The distinct, ergonomic design, an internal memory of 4GB, and the fact that they are two separate earphones and all you have to do is place them in your ear, are the reasons that make them a real winner. Also, these earphones are extremely smart because they can keep track of  your body vitals and are great for sports purposes. The handsfree Bluetooth connection allows you to connect it freely to your smartphone, and if need be, even enjoy phone calls. It doesn’t get better than this, does it?


Headphone Zone - JAYS Q-JAYS

A new product launched recently by Jays, are the q-Jays, which are the world's smallest earphones with exchangeable and detachable cords. What makes these earphones extremely high-end is that they are made of stainless steel and have two speakers inside each earphone, giving outstandingly powerful music in that tiny package. The detachable cables provide extra customizable options. You can choose the module you would like to listen with, for instance, iOS, Android, Audio or Windows. The design is very modern and innovative. The q-Jays come with a stainless steel build that have a classy matte-finish and are anti-finger print, making them your favorite earphones for the year!

These were few of the most innovative and unique and headphones present in the market. Do let us know if you've heard of other interesting headphones!

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