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JBL Headphones

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JBL is to personal audio what Maruti Suzuki is to automobiles. Here at Headphone Zone, we have this on-going guessing game amongst ourselves we like to call "Guess the Headphone". The JBL logo is always plastered on so glaringly on the earpieces or earcups, that it really goes without saying that JBL guesses are never even counted in our little games. Enough about us, let's talk about JBL! This is one bonafide American company whose true claim to fame is their range of loudspeakers. A quick history byte: James B. Lansing founded JBL one year after leaving Altec Lansing as their Vice President of Engineering in 1945. This is a really old company that has very successfully kept up with the changing times.


Today, JBL is very popular in India for its range of wireless Bluetooth speakers, Android & iOS headphones, soundbars & subwoofers. JBL has some great budget headphones and earphones around the Rs. 1000 price point that suits the casual music listener to a T, especially if he really likes his bass powerful & punchy.


Everyone has heard of JBL (unless you’ve been living under a rock of course). The JBL range of headphones includes a number of cool features like Bluetooth, tangle-free cables, water and sweat resistance and lots more. Whether you are someone who loves bass, needs to push limits while exercising or are just looking for something your kid will enjoy, you will certainly find what you need here. Enjoy the famed JBL sound as heard in theatres, concerts and recording studios in your personal pair of JBL headphones.


To make sure that our customers are 100% satisfied, Headphone Zone offers a 7-Day Test Drive and 7-Day Replacement Guarantee. Each product page has been created to be your one-stop guide to get all the required information about these high-quality headsets. We also have a Buying Guide that has various comparison posts to help you pick the best headphone. If that isn't enough, our Headphone Gurus are always there to help you out with any other query that you may have. Call our Gurus to find the best products that suit your style and need. Buy the perfect headphone online with the best service from Headphone Zone.


One Year 

While JBL headphones are made to last a long time, in case you face any problems you can claim the 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. You can contact your nearest JBL service centre or send an email to indiasupport@harman.com. The people there are very nice and will certainly help you out. You can read more about it on the Warranty page. Find the nearest service centre here.







Made for Rugged Use

The JBL headphones are made to be used on the go. Be it an extreme workout or travelling for long hours, it is made to endure it all. The materials used in these JBL headphones are not only durable but also up its style quotient.

Something for Everyone

JBL has something for everyone. You can choose from its vast portfolio of wired or wireless headphones. These also include features like Bluetooth, mics, reflective cables, tangle-proof cables, water resistance and more. It even has a dedicated headphone made especially for children!