The Right Eartip

Comfort Comes First

Comfort is one of the key factors that maketh a good headphone. We at Headphone Zone believe that to enhance and supplement a complete listening experience, your in-ear headphones must provide ample comfort in form of its eartips. Besides comfort though, the advantages of having the right eartip stretch to providing better noise isolation and increased clarity even at louder volumes. The right eartip is required to go with your in-ear earphones. Experiencing earache amongst music enthusiasts after extended listening sessions is not unheard of. Which is why, we shouldn't undermine the value of a eartip that could fit like a dream, as if you were not wearing headphones at all.

Passive Noise Isolation

But enough about comfort, what else does a good eartip have on offer? The obvious answer is better noise isolation. If you don't have a big budget to spend on Active Noise Cancelling Headphones and live in a busting environment, you deserve to have eartips that provide good passive noise isolation. If you get a snug fit from your earphones, naturally ambient and external noises will be blocked out well allowing you to experience richer bass beats and have every sound clearly accentuated for your listening pleasure.

Eartip Designs

There are also some brands that innovate their in-ears to have an angled eartip design that adds to the ergonomics of the earphones. All the same, keeping design appeal and looks in one place, it cannot compensate for the lack of a good fit that only the right eartip can guarantee. Let's check out the different kinds of eartip styles available today that will help you make the right decision when shopping for earphones:


Silicone Sleeves, Yay or Nay?

Most brands stick to conventional silicone ear sleeves that come in 3 basic sizes of Small, Medium and Large. And then there are premium brands such as RHA, JAYS, and Klipsch that go the extra mile and provide Extra Small and Extra Large sizes to give a user a wider range of choice. Despite your finding the right size from these options, these silicone eartips are right, but well, only almost right.
Dual Density Eartips

Dual density ear tips are exclusive to RHA's in-ear headphones. Their design is such that is has a strong core on the inside and has a soft silicone material on the outside. RHA has innovated these eartips in order to effectively aid in noise isolation. Their high-end earphones such as the RHA MA750i come with as many as 6 eartips to choose from depending on your ear size: 2 Smalls, 2 Mediums and 2 Larges.

Double Flange Eartips

Simply put, double flange eartips are intricately contoured ear gels that provide an accurate fit inside a ear canal. They are basically silicone sleeves revamped to be more comfort-oriented by feeling not only softer inside your ears, but designed anatomically to reduce ear fatigue and allow for longer listening sessions.
Triple Flange Eartips

The design of the eartips enhance your listening experience considerably.  The triple-flange makes for a great "ear plug" type seal and allows you to really hear whatever you're listening to. For greater noise isolation and a tight seal, these type of ear tips are perfect.


The idea of earhooks are fairly simple: if you own a mono Bluetooth headset, you will come to realise that a strategically placed secure design works best. It also helps by boosting the level of comfort. Earhooks are supplied with headphones such as the Jabra EasyVoice, the Jabra Talk and others. Other than Bluetooth, there are some Sports headphones like the Sennheiser CX 685 and the Rox which have mini earhooks for a secure fit.

Eargels are a relatively new innovation and are made especially for sports headphones as they are washable and more flexible than others. Most impressive from the lot available is the Jabra Sport Wireless+ which gives as many as 7 ear gels with multiple benefits and wearing styles. What is really remarkable is that, unlike in-ears, this model has earbuds and yet there is ample options when it comes to customisation of fit.

Comply to the Rescue!

Pioneering technology has brought us Memory Foam ear tips which take the shape of your ears. Comply, a manufacturing company experts with 20 years of clinical, Ph.D level of in-ear expertise, raises the bar of expections when it comes to comfort from your earphones. How this R&D company has achieved this is by introducing to the world  unique, breathable, viscoelastic foam that are  30 times softer than standard silicone tips.

Comply has taken a step further by having 4 styles that fit in everyday routines. Each of these styles have a unique purpose and have been made differently. Their new Sport S-Series & Sx-Series (with Wax Guard) are great for those with an active lifestyle. The older  Active S-Series is for the gym-goer or the athlete and the eartips are more porous than the others. Their Isolation T-Series provides "maximum isolation for a superior audio experience" and come with a hybrid version called the Tx-Series which basically has a Wax Guard that increases its life. Another of their styles is the Comfort focused Ts-Series which has a "unique spherical shape for maximum comfort" and this one also comes with a Wax Guard hybrid version called the Tsx-Series. And if you want to try all of them, they also have a Variety Pack that includes one Pair of Sport, Isolation and Comfort each.

So there you have it, your right eartip's just an order away available with Headphone Zone from Comply in the aforementioned styles of Active, Isolation or Comfort. Make sure you read through our Compatibility Chart to determine what line of tips will suit your device: Choose from 100, 200, 400 or 500 for your earphone's perfect fit under to make the sensible purchase. Alternatively, you may consult Comply's Tip Finder to find the right eartip, an essential accessory for your in-ear earphones.