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Audition these at a Headphone Connect event near you!
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This is Jays' finest and most precise achievement till date,the q-JAYS was made with the intention of crafting the world’s finest earphones, and has therefore been designed with the most premium of materials to deliver the most authentic and detailed sound experience possible.These in-ear headphones have a  brand new acoustic system with custom balanced armatures and tailor-made acoustic filters at its core along with  various state-of-the-art development techniques. The detachable cables can easily be replaced with Audio Only, iOS, Windows or Android specific cables.

Smit Patel, Headfonics
" The build quality is outstanding and puts many other similarly-priced offerings to shame with their innovation and practical features.I must heartily commend them on their efforts and look forward to what the Swedish manufacturer have next in store. Stay tuned."

  • Dual Balanced Armature Drivers

    Engineered like a pair of reference loudspeaker monitors, q-JAYS feature twin drivers built into each side, one for lows and one for mids and highs. A brand new crossover Jays Balanced Armature Drivers filter seamlessly blends the output of the dedicated woofer driver with the midrange/tweeter driver, free from time and phase shifts, resulting in a well-balanced sound with incredible clarity, high-transient speed and timing. 

    Reference Class Sound Signature

    With amazingly rich details, perfect timbre and brilliant balance, q-JAYS deliver one of the most precise and authentic sound reproductions with minimal coloration. 

    Hi-Res Audio

    JAYS - q-JAYS has been certified for hi-res audio. It offers an extended frequency range up to 20,000Hz to reproduce such high-end audio. You will feel like you are in a live concert with its lifelike sound.

    Tailor Made Acoustic Filters

    As a part of the acoustic system, q-JAYS tailor-made acoustic filter has been Jays Acoustic Filterspositioned inside the sound tube and in front of the balanced armatures to wash off any sharp sibilance, leaving clean and smooth highs with stunning details. 

    Precisely Tuned Bass Ports

    The q-JAYS stainless steel housing features a precisely tuned vent port which completely opens up the lows below 200 Hz, providing the dedicated woofer with enough air volume for optimal performance. The result is a tight, rapid and deep bass response without muddying any of the other frequencies.

    Metal Injection Molded Stainless Steel

    Built to last and engineered for precision, q-JAYS curved solid one-piece housing is made by metal injection molding stainless steel. This, along with CNC machining and Metal Injection Molded Construction
     laser-cutting allowed JAYS to create one of the most precise and finely toleranced earphones ever made, while keeping it impressively small.

    Detachable and Strong Cables

    The q-JAYS earphones come with a detachable and Kevlar reinforced cable that allows easy personalization and replacement. With options for dedicated cable types for Audio Only (without remote control), iOS, Windows or Android, choose the cable that best fits your needs.

    What's in the box:

    • JAYS - q-JAYS Earphones
    • 5 Sizes of Silicone Eartips
    • Compact carrying case

  • In-Ear
    Custom dual balanced armatures

    5 – 20 000 Hz (Full)
    8 – 16 000 Hz (+/- 5 dB)

    50 Ohms
    47” Detachable (at ear)

    3.5mm Gold Plated Jack

    103 dB @ 1 mW


    Two Years

    Manufacturer's Warranty covers only manufacturing defects. For more details, check our Warranty Page. To claim warranty, please maintain a copy of your invoice and Contact Headphone Zone Care (authorised service center) at direct@headphonezone.in or +91 750 664 6988.

  • " Would I shell out $400 for earbuds? If you'd asked me that before, I'd have said, "Never", but after trying the q-Jays, I say, "Hell yes. Build-wise, the headphones themselves are a far cry."
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    " It may have taken two years to bring the q-Jays back to life, but based on what we’re hearing, we think it was time well spent. They are meant to be made only of the very best materials, each perfectly suited for its job."
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