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JAYS - t-Four Wireless

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The Short Story

Designed in

V-Shaped Sound

Ideal for Casual
Music Listening

Ideal for

Ideal for
Taking Calls

1 Year of

Use Wirelessly
with Bluetooth

10 Hours of
Battery Life

Wireless Range
of 33 Feet


Flat Cables

Super Lightweight

In most cases, I believe entry level wireless earphones aren't very good. But the only exception to the rule - the JAYS t-Four. They look and feel absolutely gorgeous. Classic Scandinavian Minimalism. And they sound great and fit very well.


I started Headphone Zone almost 10 years ago because most big retailers had little to no understanding of electronic accessories, people had little understanding and few options. Customers ended up having a lousy experience in-store and simply bought the cheapest earphone they found.
Our aim is to take the Headphone Zone experience to the length and breadth of music listeners in India. How we can do this is by helping you experience better sound, and provide you with enough information enabling informed choices.

My hobbies include collecting Airline Baggage Tags. I also hold a Guinness World Record for the largest collection in the world. While I’m not an audiophile, I am a passionate musician and I love listening to Rock, Pop and Jazz.

About Raghav
  • Founded Headphone Zone in 2011
  • Founded the Indian Audiophile Forum in 2017, a growing community of 10,000+ members.
  • Travels to industry events like CanJam Singapore and IFA yearly
  • Spends every morning at the breakfast table with his standard meal of idli and sambar.
  • Spends every night (or every time he has to wait for his spouse to get ready) at his Roland piano playing pop tunes from memory.
  • Raghav’s passion for headphones and his commitment to Headphone Zone exemplifies our mission to create customer delight through every touchpoint on our website.
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    Superior Sound & Isolation

    The t-Four wireless come with an v-shaped sound that keeps your beats pumping and feet tapping. To further give better sound output these come with silicone and foam eartips ensure that you get top-notch noise isolation. These eartips also ensure a great fit while being really comfortable

    Stay Connected Always

    Enjoy seamless Bluetooth connectivity with the t-Four Wireless. With Bluetooth v4.1 and JAYS superior craftsmanship, experience a stable connection with no dropped calls and smooth music streaming.

    Listen for Long

    No matter how long your day is, the t-Four Wireless is geared to keep you company and cheer you up with its signature JAYS sound. Its 10-hour battery life lasts for most of the day letting you enjoy music for long.

    Ergonomic Design & Build

    Just like all JAYS in-ears, even the t-Four Wireless features the signature flat cables. These stay tangle-free and rest lightly behind-your-neck. The cables have a Kevlar core (the material used in bullet-proof jackets) and a soft TPE covering which make them really durable.


    3-Button Remote & Mic

    Take calls and control your music when on-the-go with the JAYS t-Four Wireless. The 3-button remote makes using your in-ear really easy while the mic ensures crystal-clear voice calls.


 10 mm dynamic speakers
 16 Ohm @ 1 kHz
 96 dB @ 1 kHz
 20 - 20 000 Hzz
 3-Button Remote & Mic
10 Hours
    CABLE TYPE Soft TPE covering Kevlar core of conductor
    BOX CONTENTS 1. JAYS t-Four Wireless Earphones
    2. Noise isolation with 3 sizes of foam ear tips
    3. 3 sizes of silicone ear tips


    Don’t sweat it, This JAYS product is covered by a 1 Year manufacturer's warranty.
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    jays vs competitors
    JAYS - t-Four Wireless rha vs competitors
    RHA vs Beyerdynamic
    Sony - WI-C200 JAYS vs Sony
    JAYS vs JBL
    JBL - T110BT JAYS vs JBL
    JAYS vs Sony
    Warranty 1 year 1 year 1 year 1 year
    Warm & Smooth
    Extra Bass
    Housing Plastic Housing Plastic Housing Plastic Housing Plastic Housing
    Cable Tangle-Free Standard Tangle-Free Standard
    Wearing Style Neckband Free Neckband Free Neckband Free Neckband Free
    Ergonomics Angular Fit Straight Fit Straight Fit Straight Fit
    Mic Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Remote 3-Button 3-Button 3-Button 3-Button
    Volume Controls Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Bluetooth Connectivity v4.1 v5.0 v4.0 v4.1
    Battery Life 10 Hours 15 Hours 6 Hours 5 Hours
    Eartips 3 pairs of silicone eartips
    3 pairs of foam eartips
    3 pairs of Hybrid 3 pairs of standard eartips 3 pairs open ear tips,
    3 pairs standard eartips
    Clip No No No No
    Should You Buy?
    Our Verdict

    JAYS from Sweden makes absolutely gorgeous looking and sounding earphones. Comfort is the best in segment. The t-Four offers superb value for money. Our top pick.

    Sony's entry level wireless earphone, has good bass sound output without having to deal with a big bulky neckband.

    Functional, entry level Wireless earphones from JBL. If your on a tight budget, this is literally your only option.

    Enjoy an elevated highs and bass output without compromising much on the vocals.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 215 reviews
    better and sturdy

    My second jays earphones in three years. ordered with a hesitation but it proved to be a better purchase.
    Sturdy earphones wont break easily
    Sound signature is of my liking. Bass is bit on the heavier side but fine tuning with Equaliser is a better option
    better call clarity
    no cable tweaking sound.
    a case would have added as a complete package

    no remorse in buying this bluetooth earphones. the best under 4000. may be a review from headphonezone will do a better justification

    For the bass lovers!

    After going through a lot of options including the a-six, the RHA and other not so famous brands I accidentally stumbled across this on Jays site and happen to ask HZ if its gonna be available anytime soon. When they said yes, I was quick to decide to buy this over the more expensive ones. I just didnt want to buy an expensive one and have a bad experience, since this was gonna be my first wireless. After going days of checking this site, I was fast to buy this when it finally became available. Now talking about the earphones..
    I have never owned a jays and was expecting a lot from this brand, luckily they delivered..

    Package - it came in this cool, as tiny as a CD case like pac which cramped the earphones, the earbuds ( 3 foam and 3 silicon) with a USB cable.

    Build - They come in a sturdy plastic housing. I ordered the Matte Black color over the grey and boy does it look cool.It can easily reflect if its coated by oily substance or was as for that matter. But all in all it looks really good and sleek. the wires is flat and its long enough to go around your head and not your collar if you're wondering. they don't feel cheap at all.
    The buttons are tacky and work well. There's an LED that flashes red on charging and blue when in operation.

    Comfortability - Initially had some problems with the default buds but solved as soon as I switched it with smaller ones.

    Battery - Yet to completely test this! I have used it for two days and it held the charge for whenever I pulled them. Charged them once on a powerbank cause I didn't want to exceed the required Volts with my quick charger( Haven't read the manual yet)

    Sound - This goes for the bass. That doesn't mean that the other notes are inaudible. The bass is just more than your regular earphones and this is what I need while commuting. The vocals are strong so you don't need to worry, it's quite audible.

    I don't have anything to complain, except that I wish it came with a carry case. Thanks HZ and Ja...

    Dissapointed at first,but now loving them.

    Day 1: Received the product in a day.The packaging was awesome and satisfied with the build quality. I immediately tried them, and felt these were worst earphones i have ever used.
    Then read about burning period and gave try for few hours at 50% volume. Still same pathetic sound.
    Day 2 : Repeated same burning period and at the end of the day i felt like returning them. and raised request for return.
    Day 3: I was surfing internet and read somewhere that new audio devices should be burned at above 70% of volume. i tried this approach and at the end of the day i could not believe the sound output and was amazed with quality and loudness.
    Day 4: I have cancelled the return request and using them for past 3 weeks. and now i feel these are the best wireless earphones i ever bought.


    After convincing myself that a lack of wireless earphones in my workout armoury was to be blamed for not achieving my fitness goals ( don’t blame my professional cadre laziness, I swear it was the damned wired earphones ). So, I began looking for a wireless pair with the ferocity of a panda chewing on a bamboo. I wanted a pair with decent battery life and above average sound quality but most of the earphones looked too gaudy. So, I started looking out for a pair that looks half decent and won’t break the bank as I would just use it for my bench-breaking, heart-pumping, bicep-ripping workout sessions. I came across Jays T Four and Jays A Six wireless earphones, decided to buy the former keeping in mind my aversion to the “Account Debited” messages that keep popping on my phone.
    The delivery was quick and hassle free. I unboxed the pair and listened to “Eye of The Tiger” and rushed straight to the couch, binge watched Seinfeld and stuffed myself with kilos of butter popcorn. Coming to the sound quality of Jays T Four, it is mediocre at best. Wireless earphones are no where near to the wired ones in terms of sound quality. My SoundMagic E80 sounds better than Jays T Four. But after burning them in, the sound improved for sure. The SQ is not bad by any means and it is enjoyable but just don’t expect high quality sound. One thing these do excel in is in the bass compartment, bass is deep and thumping. Sound stage is impressively wide for a pair of BT earphones. Mids and highs are decent but nothing to write home about. Battery life is quite a lot ( 8+ hours). Build quality is good.
    All-in-all get these if you want a wireless pair for convenience and workout purposes. Don’t buy if you are looking for just a pair of good sounding earphones. One can buy much better sounding wired earphones at this price.

    Sorry for the potato picture quality.

    Noiseless and sturdy

    These set of earphones are smartly designed. They are sturdy, pair seamlessly and the best part- They are noiseless. They don't let the noise slip out and nor do they let any external noise get in! You can listen to the music at as less as 30% volume and still it would just be the music in your ear that you can hear. The sound quality is awesome, and the memory foam ear plugs are comfortable and light weighted. They fit in snugly and you have 4 memory foam plugs to choose from! Needless to say, the 100% volume is pretty loud with decent bass, but a little uncomfortable for the ear (this is a personal choice, 80% is my personal setting for music).
    The controls are easily accessible, and pretty basic and standard, there is a 3 second hold down for changing the pairing, volume up and down, pause and play, disconnect and receive calls. There will be no problem in getting used to the controls quickly.
    Even though I had my doubts about the microphone, I have taken feedback from people, and they are as good as you are talking without earphones on, people can hear background sounds pretty clearly too (not always desirable), you don't have to manually hold the mic to your mouth in order to sound clear.
    The Bluetooth range is pretty cool too, I am able to roam around (approx 10-15 mt) even with a wall in between and that doesn't interfere with the sound quality.
    The packing is compact and light, no more bigger than a CD case. You will get the headset itself, extra earplugs and a charging chord. The earphones can go for 10-12 hours of usage (depending on the usage), and even more than that if they are just connected but not used. It takes around 1-2 hours to charge them for a day and a half or two's usage (again depending on usage).
    So, I would say go ahead, they are worth the price and a good investment!

    What a earphone from Jata.. truly masterpiece..

    It's amazing to get Jay's in a 4000 pricing range.. it's the best earphone in this range.. sound quality is amazing..
    I have done research for 1 month before buying this and I am really happy to buy this as it's much better then Jabra 25e , sony and samsung in the same range..

    I have started using it and will add my findings after one week of using.

    Atul Gupta