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C-Pin True Wireless Module
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Tenure Interest% Downpayment Installment Interest
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The Cashback offer is valid from 22nd March at 12:00 am to 31st March 2023 at 11:59 pm
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Tenure available: 3 or 6 Months
Eligibility: All above 21 years of age
Transaction value: Available on all orders below Rs. 60,000/-
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Cashback offer
  1. Valid from 10th Feb to 9th April
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  4. No coupon code required.
Tenure Interest% Installment Interest
3 No Cost EMI ₹ 1,197 ₹ 0
6 No Cost EMI ₹ 598 ₹ 0


Tenure available: 3 Months
Eligibility: All Simpl users
Transaction value: Depends on your credit limit
Payment Gateway: Please choose Simpl Pay in 3 at checkout

Tenure Interest% Installment Interest
3 No Cost EMI ₹ 1,197 ₹ 0

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Tenure available: 3 Months
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1 Year of

Ideal For Casual Music Listening

Ideal for Taking Calls

Ideal for Commuting

Ideal for Long Flight

These headphones are a perfect match for your jet-setting lifestyle. If you’re someone who is a frequent flyer and needs to listen to your favourite music or podcast, then these are perfect with their ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) features and portable design.

You can expect these headphones to quickly pair with various devices like a Laptop, Smartphone or even your Tablet allowing you to zone in on your music. If there’s one thing you should never forget for a long-distance flight, it’s your headphones!

Bluetooth with
aptX & AAC

Battery Life

Works with Android & iOS

One thing all of our phones have in common is that they have replaced the portable media player. These headphones and devices are perfect to pair with your Android and iOS devices and offer functionality previously unknown. If you’re someone who usually switches between a variety of devices with different OS, then these are suited for you. You can expect these headphones and devices to connect seamlessly without any hassle and even offer OS-specific functionality depending on the device. Headphones and devices designed to work with Android and iOS come in wired and wireless formats. Quite often you will also find Hi-Fi equipment offering direct connectivity to devices with Android and iOS to simplify the connectivity process.

Wireless Range

You must have most likely noticed that wireless signals do not travel an infinite distance. The farther a wireless signal goes, the weaker it gets. This loss is known as path loss, and it defines the range of connectivity. This range of connectivity is dependent on the wireless protocol in use like Bluetooth. Three classes offer standard ranges of connectivity with Class 1 devices transmitting at 100 mW with a range of 100 meters or 328 feet. Most Bluetooth headsets and headphones are Class 2 devices that transmit at 2.5 mW with a range of 10 meters or 33 feet. Lastly, Class 3 devices transmit at 1 mW with a range of fewer than 10 meters.

Battery Capacity of
800 mAh


It is compatible with wide array of IEMs as listed below: KZ : KZ ZSN, KZ ZSN PRO, KZ ZSN PRO X, KZ ZS10 PRO, KZ AS16, KZ AS12, KZ ZSX, KZ ZAS, KZ ZAX, KZ ASF, KZ ASX, KZ DQ6, KZ AST CCA : CCA CA4, CCA C12, CCA A10, CCA CA16, CCA C10 PRO, CCA CS16, CCA CKX, CCA CSN NF Audio : NF Audio NM2, NF Audio NM2+, NF Audio NA2, NF Audio NA2+, NF Audio NE4 QDC : QDC Uranus, QDC Anole V6, QDC Neptune, QDC Gemini TRN : TRN ST1, TRN ST2, TRN VX, TRN STM, TRN V90S
And other earphones with C-Pin connectors.


True wireless freedom is the way to go forward and is adopted by millions of people. Realising this KZ presents at the all-new AZ10 true wireless adapter to break free from the bonds of cords.


Equipped with the latest Qualcomm QCC3040 chip that offers wireless connectivity and supports Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity while offering improved transmission efficiency, higher transmission speed, reliable connection and extended connectivity range.
You also get support for aptX decoding along with support for AAC and SBC protocols with a more high-definition resolving power.
Overall you experience stable connection and high-quality audio wirelessly.



KZ introduces the all-new AZ09 Pro true wireless adapter for your in-ears. KZ is known for offering high-quality devices and the AZ09 Pro is no exception. Equipped with the latest Qualcomm QCC3040 chip that offers wireless connectivity and supports Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity while offering improved transmission efficiency, higher transmission speed, reliable connection and extended connectivity range. You also get support for aptX decoding along with support for AAC and SBC protocols with a more high-definition resolving power. Overall you experience stable connection and high-quality audio wirelessly.
AZ09 Pro



The KZ AZ09 Pro has been designed with the utmost attention while featuring innovative technologies to offer outstanding performance. KZ AZ09 Pro comes equipped with a highly sensitive microphone so you can enjoy communication with super crisp audio quality. You also get to experience CVC call noise reduction technology - that can effectively offset the call echo and ambient noise while retaining the natural and clear original sound of the call, thus achieving HD calling. You also can enjoy high-definition transmission with aptX decoding, which presents an immersive soundstage and vivid details.



The KZ AZ09 Pro comes embedded with an innovative function that allows you to use your left and right adapters independently with the TWS+ Dual transmission Technology. This technology enables you to connect your left and right ear hook independently. Compared with the transmission technology of the main and auxiliary earphones, the dual transmission delay is lower and response is faster. You also get to experience Adaptive decoding technology with ultra-low delay optimisation. With this technology, the audio and picture synchronisation when playing games is completely synced.



The KZ AZ09 Pro features standard 2-Pin connectors to connect to a variety of in-ears. Compatible with a range of in-ears that have 0.75/0.78mm 2-Pin connectors. The embedded independent power amplifier chip easily matches with multi-unit balanced armature and hybrid technology in-ears. You can transform your wired in-ears easily with the KZ AZ09 Pro and enjoy a convenient wireless experience and HD sound. Any device can be connected as long as it has Bluetooth function.



The KZ AZ09 Pro has been designed ergonomically to offer comfort while wearing them. The ear hooks are made of liquid silicone with a comfortable feel and sufficient elasticity and toughness. Memory shaping can better fit the auricle, making it more comfortable and firm to wear. The AZ09 Pro also offers a battery life of up to 8 hours on the adapters and the charging case provides an additional 6 charges, tootling to 48hrs of battery life. This is truly amazing as you can enjoy music without worrying about battery drains.



The KZ AZ09 offers convenient one-click controls for playing/pausing music, changing the tracks, activating voice control, answering and disconnecting calls. This is done through the one-click button on the AZ09 Pro. Along with one-click controls, you also can determine battery levels through the embedded light indicator. The indicator lights up red when the battery is low and turns green when they are fully charged.

1 Year Warranty

Don't sweat it, this KZ - AZ09 Pro comes with a 1 Year warranty from KZ that covers manufacturing defects. All products featured on Headphone Zone are backed by an original manufacturer's warranty.

Read more about KZ's warranty in India.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 183 reviews
shahnawaz ahmed (Hyderabad)
KZ AZ09 Pro

Disclaimer: Long ramble.
I see that KZ products are not marketed well. So you either stumble upon these amazing products or some stoked friend recommends them. I gambled first on a pair of KZ ZS 10 pro and was immediately blown away by what it has to offer. And gradually I realised it is somewhat for the bass heads(but with no compromise on the other frequency range). I gifted it to my wife who was super happy with them as she loves it's thump. I shifted to KZ ZSX. And I am hooked. I was looking for a true wireless earplug in the market, for taking calls on the move in this pandemic time. And stumbled on KZ AZ09(not KZ AZ09 Pro). Again another KZ. I gambled again. The experience was mixed. I was extremely happy with the audio quality of music or movies. But it had two major significant issues. One, it is uncomfortable where it wraps around your ears, especially, during long duration usage. And second it's mic was of very poor quality. The person on the other end of the call could hardly hear me. The second point failed the most primary requirement(calls). And the third reason, not very frequent though is connection loss for fraction of a second when you are on a bike. Specially while taking turns or turning your head left or right. So long story short I was disappointed partially. For calls, I went back to using the cable that came along with the IEM. And then I stumbled upon these, the subject of the review :). Fortunately enough these didn't exist when I ordered the KZ AZ09. Otherwise I would have hit myself on the face for insufficient research. So I gamble on the KZ AZ09 Pro. This was a super risk because as it was new there weren't many reviews on the net. People spoke about the enhanced comfort but nobody compared the mic with the predecessor. Still I put my buck in it. Thanks to HeadphoneZone, I got it at half the price compared to Amazon. Because Amazon ran out of domestic stock and was importing it to India at more that double the price. And on top of all this I got some amazing playlists card that was HedphoneZone exclusive :). So coming to the main points after the long rant. These bluetooth upgrade cable are the best out there in the market unanimously. 
1. They are modular ie. pair them with any IEM that favors your tuning preference.
2. They are super comfortable
3. They are very secure. Will never fall even if, you are an acrobat.
4. They are to some extent discrete too, specially if you have long hair that covers your hair :). 
5. The mic is better that the apple wireless airpods and equally good as the current version.

1. No volume control. Which is not an issue with me. But I am sure some of you out there will miss that. I however use Siri for volume control, if my phone is buried in my jacket pocket.

We are delighted to know that you are happy with your purchase. We appreciate you taking your time out and writing an elaborative review about the product., shahnawaz ahmed! This will definitely help others to take an informed and wise decision, Cheers!

Deepanshu Kaswan (Mumbai)
Disappointment at a premium.

It has been around 15 days since I got these delivered and I am already facing issues, I was very sceptical at first since reviews for AZ09 non-pro were really bad, it had disconnection issues and whole lots of problems. After that AZ09 Pro launched and it was very hard to find reviews for it, do you believe that no one really bought these?

So coming to my review, the unit has started malfunctioning in the first 15 days and the return window is closed.
The problem: As soon as I turn on the Bluetooth of my phone or laptop the AZ09 pro instantly connects even if the lid of the case is closed and music starts playing while the lid is on, I have to manually turn off the Bluetooth or pause the music. While I am listening to music and putting them in the case, music doesn't stop either it continues playing 🤣🤣🤣 f*l . Also sometimes it stutters and skips.....great!!! that's what I wanted.

The ticket support system doesn't have KZ in the list so I can't submit a support ticket, the return button is removed from the orders page so now I can't do that either.

The warranty page for KZ on the headphone zone website says this: "Once your claim request is approved, a unique WCID (Warranty Case Id) number will be issued to your case. Once it's approved, the faulty unit has to be couriered to us by the customer."
Just great, after sending the unit to them at my expense, they might send me a working one if they have one in stock.😥☠️

I am using these with KZ ZSN Pro X, was planning to upgrade to KZ CRN or something else but I think there is no need for that. I don't think these TWS will be alive for that long.
BTW It has a Type-C port for charging, the case is a chonker like double the size of a normal TWS, you can't have anything else in your pocket after putting these in.
The connection is fast and seamless, and the sound quality is quite good (my phone supports aptX, your mileage may vary.) The Battery is okay, and the audio quality during calls is okay, but you have speak louder than normal so the person on another side can hear you properly. I was not able to connect 2 devices at the same time, it worked for some people idk.

I hope the headphone zone team resolves this issue somehow or I just wasted 3.5k for nothing.

Not a good product. Stopped working just within 1 month


I purchased this TWS in the month of Feb 2022 and within 1 month unit started giving trouble.

1. Mic was not working (this was with mic model) from beginning
2. After 3 weeks, only right ear piece was getting connected and left ear piece continuously blinks blue light without connecting
3. I can connect either one ear piece at a time not both

I had put trust in Headphone zone and bought this product and really not happy with this.

We are extremely sorry for the disappointing experience you had to go through with us, Keshav. Our team is in touch with you and will surely help you out in resolving the issue.

Sahil Kumar (Ambala)
Great alternative to TWS from known brands - A noob-audiophile review

Few months back I was thinking what if we could turn our TWS into wired earphones, and wondered if a similar technology existed. That time, I wasn't aware that something like IEMs with pin connectors already existed. But when I stumbled upon Shure - AONIC 215 True Wireless Gen 2, I was amazed, it was like a dream come true. Sadly the dream was crushed by the high price. Few weeks later, found out about AZ09 Pro. Only problem, I owned Moondrop SSR, which have B-pin connectors, while these are only available with C-Pin for now (B-Pin model exists but not available currently). So I reached out to Headphone Zone, and decided to buy KZ - ZS10 Pro as per their recommendation. Obviously, you have to buy a pair of IEMs separately and this is a barebone adaptor. This will turn your wired IEMs in TWS. Now let's talk about a few things to note -

1) The audio quality and performance might differ based on the technologies your device supports. My phone has Snapdragon 730, some sites say it supports aptX HD but Qualcomm's product page has no mention of aptX HD, only aptX Adaptive. But again, Qualcomm doesn't mention anything about aptX HD even in Product Page for Snapdragon 8 Gen 1. It seems that Qualcomm replaced aptX HD with aptX adaptive for all new devices, which supports bitrate ranging from 276 - 420 kbps compared to 570 kbps in aptX HD. Qualcomm also has aptX Lossless, but good luck finding any TWS with it for now.

2) Though both my phone and macbook support bluetooth 5.0, I would notice momentarily latency increase on my macbook from time to time (sound would become choppy, disappear). This could be either due to my mac running too many apps and connect to an external 4k display, and thus running hot or the fact that a mouse and keyboard are also connected.

3) This supports AptX/AAC/SBC, not LDAC. LDAC is not mentioned anywhere in description, so don't assume it's a given. There might be some noticeable difference in quality when using your IEMs wired and with these wireless adaptors.

4) Case is on the chonkier side. It won't fit that easily in your pockets, unless you have very large pockets.

5) Switching between devices might not feel as convenient. You have to disconnect them from the device they are currently connected to, to able to connect with another device.

6) Volume control support not given. Also the click actions are not re-configurable.

If these things don't bother you, go with them. Personally, most of the points I mentioned are not a bother for me. Though I wished they gave volume control in place of voice assistant, since my assistant is voice activated anyway. You can use a 3rd party app to remap them on android, but it would be cool to remap them across all devices. Also I wished the case was slimmer, but I think they did it in order to fit atleast all KZ IEMs in the case. Still happy with what they offer for the price. Hope in next iterations they'll improve upon these things.

PS: They come into pairing mode as soon as you disconnect them from your device. This is convenient to quickly pair a new device, which most TWS miss on.

Vivek N (Ernakulam)
Value for Money Product

If you have Type C PIN IEMs and need an inexpensive route to TWS then KZ AZ209Pro are definitely worth a try.
The earhooks fit great around the ears and also are very light hence wearing them for an extended period of time would'nt be an issue.
They are just Sweat proof according to KZ's site, hence the usecases for these would have to be based on that.

The rubber'ish material around the earhook should last maybe for 1 year post which they may deteriorate depending upon the climatic condition.
Anyways for the price that they currently retail at and given the fact that most TWSs don't last beyond 1-2 years they still are a bang for the buck considering even if they conk off there is always a workable pair of IEMs left out or vice versa.

Coming to the sound which also depends on the IEMs they are paired to, they sound good. Don't expect Wired level of quality but these are competent enough to match upto 80% of it w.r.t wired quality or i'ld put it this way they are more than enough for day to day streaming apps like Spotify (@very high streaming quality settings). These support AptX hence the Battery drain, Processing load and Sound quality 'In Theory' should be somewhat better . I use them with AptX mode and to be honest my listening sessions don't extend more than 3 hours a day in total on earphones/these, so for me the battery has lasted a week as of now ( it has been just 7-9 days since I got them) with the Charging case (which has been charged just once).
Coming to connectivity part, haven't faced any consistent/intermittent connectivity issues as such and have only faced 1-2 times connectivity/sync issues but it lasted only maybe for a nanosecond or so and they reconnected back, not sure whether it was due to interference from other bluetooth devices around it.
I would say these have very good connectivity (based on my usage till now), the range is also acceptable (atleast 5-10meters and a couple of walls) and the pairing is very fast.

These do have a tiny noise floor which may not be distracting once the music starts playing but its definitely there if you look for it ( I guess most TWSs do have that atleast the budget ones)
Microphone quality is nothing to write about and they are below average at best.
The charging case has a decent build quality and needs to be slow charged (KZ is very particular about it) and is chonky and an average person wearing jeans won't be able to carry it in their pockets.

Overall (assuming if these last for aleast 1 year) i'ld say go for these as they don't burn a hole in your pocket but at the same time sound quite good and would be worth the money spent.

Soumyakanti Roy (Kolkata)
Inital Impressions: Fantastic Convenience!

Earphones tested with: KZ ZSN Pro & KZ DQ6

Quality impression: Seems decent. Allthough ZSN Pro seems louder than the DQ6 at the same volume.

Feature Impression: The single earbud usage feature is a godsent. The switching is very seamless. I tested it during calls, and the caller couldn't even tell I switched from the left to the right. But yeah with both the earbuds being used, the noise cancellation comes into effect and the voice clarity improves slightly.

Battery Life Impression: I have been using the earbuds after fully charging the case with the earbuds in it to 100% and now the earbuds are being used constantly (calls + music + movies) from 3 PM and now its 7:30 PM, and my laptop reports the battery of the earbuds to be at 70% battery remaining (it dropped in 10% intervals).

Others: My samsung phone picks up AptX straight up and poweramp plays back at 24 bit 96 KHz. Quality is very good compared to any other bluetooth earphone at this range. Pairing and device switching is seamless but you have to disconnect the earphones from the device or try to connect from the device directly for better results. ( I have paired it with my phone and laptop and I can switch as I like). I also like that this has contact charging instead of wireless, it increases energy efficiency yet so slightly (I am an Electrical Engineer, I know what I am talking about). Haven't tested the high performance mode yet.

Hi Soumyakanti Roy,
We are so happy you took out time & elaborately reviewed the product with a comparison. We are sure this will help our customers to make an even better & informed decision.

Vedaant Rajeshirke (Mumbai)
Amazing bang for the buck, but huge

The value is absolutely amazing! Got this with the kz crn and it is mind-blowing over bluetooth too. Packs a lot of punch.
It is a chonkster tho(refer image for reference)

Hey there, nothing makes us happier than knowing you loved your purchase, hope you had a comfortable shopping experience & thank you for the great review & ratings!

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