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These Monster iSport Immersion High Performance In-Ear Headphones are perfect for active, athletic lifestyles. Patented Sportsclips and the sound isolating eartips ensure that no matter how much you shake or sweat it out, these ear buds will stay in your ear. OMNI-Tip swivels for ultimate comfort and even better sound delivery. Control your music and take hands-free calls with ControlTalk. Further addind to the convenience factor, the angled plug jacks and flat cables rule out tangles for most part of their usage. What else can you you ask for?

  • Patented SportClips & Sound-Isolating Eartips

    Innovative design locks into your ear using an internal ear-loop(A small fin on each earpice presses against the ridges of each ear to help secure the fit) and pivoting ear-tip gives a compact fit stopping them from falling out constantly. No more tape, and no hassle with your helmet or glasses. These seem more ergonomic and clearly designed for sports as compared to some of the sports models. These are incredibly comfortable and include a variety of earbud sizes as well as stabilizer hooks so finding the right fight is a little tedious at first but definitely worth it at the end.

    Powerful Bass

    The iSport features some pretty powerful bass and it never distorts, even on deep bass tracks. Bass fiends, particularly those who listen to hip-hop or electronic music when exercising will most likely love the signature sound of the iSport. It can get quite loud to drown out the gym's radio, and the bass is pretty intense, which works out well.

    Washable Design

    The Monster iSport Immersion In-Ear Headphones are waterproof and can be washed (try not to do so very often), making them ideal for exercise. If you're a bass lover who wants a pair that can be washed off once in a while and won't die on you when you sweat, these are the perfect workout headphones. Tuck away your earphones in the protective clasp pouch provided when finished and carry them easily. This will avoid any damage and reduce the number of times that you might want to wash them.

    ControlTalk for Apple

    The iSport comes with an in-line ControlTalk pod with a mic and buttons for answering calls and controlling playback on iPhones, iPads, iPods, and some other smartphones (if you have an Android or a BlackBerry, it will probably work) and is located on the right earpiece's cable, capturing the spoken word easily even while running. Mic sound quality is suitable for calls, and the iSport, like just about all other "Made for iPhone" earphones, doesn't improve or worsen call audio quality.

  • In-Ear

    1.2 m Cable
    3.5mm Gold Jack



    One Year

    Manufacturer's Warranty covers only manufacturing defects. For more details, check our Warranty Page.To claim warranty, please maintain a copy of your invoice and Contact Zemax India Incorporate,  Authorized Distributors of Monster India.  Visit  here for all warranty related inquiries. 

  • " The Immersion headphones rank among the best wired in-ear sports headphone models out there in terms of fit and sound quality. I went on several runs with them and they stayed in my ears without a problem and kept their tight seal."
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    " The Monster iSport Immerse sound rather great - for sports earphones. That's an important clarification, because if their waterproofing doesn't mean much to you, better sound is on offer for less money. "
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