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Uncompromising Earphones and Headphones from Sweden

JAYS began their journey back in 2006 with three very simple yet powerful ideas to govern the direction of the company: steadfast commitment to design, engineering excellence and rigorous attention to detail. And all of this is very apparent in the way JAYS' earphones sound, look and feel. JAYS was the foremost earphone brand to have pioneered tangle-free flat cables. The a-JAYS series of mobile headsets are very popular amongst the lifestyle segment of casual music listeners.






Made In Sweden


Simplicity, minimalism, and functionality: that's what comes to our mind when we think of Scandinavian design. JAYS is based out of an old brewery in central Stockholm in Sweden. The team is a group of passionate group engineers and designers who believe that there’s only one way to properly build a great product — to do it one detail at a time.






Made for iOS, Windows and Android


Made for iOS, Windows and Android


Everyone should be able to enjoy great music experiences, which is why JAYS is the world’s first brand with separate full-feature versions made for iOS, Windows and Android (iWA).





JAYS Headset Control App


JAYS's Android app is developed for a fully customizable experience with a-JAYS Five, a-JAYS Four+, and the a-JAYS One+. With an intuitive design, the app serves as a control center for your listening experience. You can configure your remote button to handle a variety of actions from click delays to launching Spotify.





jays 2 yrs warranty



24 months warranty


Original JAYS products retailed on Headphone Zone are covered by a warranty of 24 months for wired products and 12 months for wireless products from the date of purchase of a brand new, unused JAYS product by the original purchaser. JAYS guarantees that the product is free from faults in the materials, design and workmanship when it is sold.



In The News


"JAYS is launching an expanded and updated line of its a-JAYS Four, called a-JAYS Four+ in India, in a variety of metal finishing and available for iOS, Windows and Android."
"They’re for professionals, or serious listeners. The U-Jays hold their own against anything in this price range. And they look smarter than the whole lot."
Hindustan Times
"If you are looking for a pair of on-ear headphones that are reliable as well as comfortable, don’t look
beyond the U-Jays. "

"The a-JAYS Four+ improves on its tangle-free cables and JAYS latest remote control and noise-reduction microphone technology.


"Its taken two years to bring the q-Jays back, but we think it was time well spent. They are meant to be made only of the very best materials."

"Sturdy and luxe looks, plush fit with appreciable isolation and a bass heavy output that’s ready to party! These on-ears feel nice and sturdy and are very comfortable to wear."

"Overall the replaceable cables, minimalistic styling, great sound and unmatched comfort make them a worthy purchase for anyone looking for quality on-ear headphones."

"To clarify, we tested the a-Jays Four and then dropped back to the stock iPhone buds to check, and the difference was profound. If you're still making do with the stock buds, you're really missing out."