Uncompromising Earphones and Headphones from Sweden
JAYS began its journey as a stylish headphone brand that looked as good as it played, back in 2006. It was founded on three very simple yet powerful ideals meant to govern the direction of the company: steadfast commitment to design, engineering excellence and rigorous attention to detail. All of this is very apparent in the way JAYS earphones and JAYS headphones sound, look and feel. JAYS was the foremost earphone brand to have pioneered tangle-free flat cables. The a-JAYS series of mobile headsets are very popular amongst the lifestyle segment of casual music listeners. Models like the JAYS - t-four wireless and the JAYS a-jays five and more are widely loved by fans and with the way JAYS is going, the future offerings are well poised to enthrall and impress.

JAYS is all about Simplicity, minimalism, and functionality
It has become a cherished and fondly known USP of the brand that. One of the main reasons for JAYS’ svelte looks is its Scandinavian-design oriented approach to product design. The company is based out of an old brewery in central Stockholm in Sweden. With a team of dedicated and passionate group engineers and designers on board, the motto is simple yet profound, when it comes to building a great product — one detail at a time.

2-year warranty on all Wired JAYS products and 1-year warranty on Wireless JAYS products
All JAYS products retailed on Headphone Zone are original and hence covered by a warranty of 24 months for wired products and 12 months for wireless products. The warranty is initiated from the date of purchase of a brand new JAYS product by the original purchaser. JAYS guarantees that the product is free from faults in the materials, design and workmanship when sold.