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Skullcandy is as true-blooded American a headphone brand as it gets. Smack in the middle of generation #hashtag, Skullcandy earphones are known to be unabashedly loud, in looks, design, and sound. Take the name for instance - candy for your skull! A Skullcandy headset looks as colourful as candy, is available in as many options and delivers music in the sweetest of flavours with cheeky enthusiasm Skullcandy earphones pack in the equal punch in the same arenas. The message is simple - young, radical & rebellious in a loud expression of personal style.
Skullcandy headphones show a commitment to counterculture and self-expression that scratches audio itch of core up-and-comers and underdogs that nobody else could reach. Inspiring life at full volume.
Legend has it that action sports product mastermind Rick Alden was out running one day when he had to yank his earbuds off his ears to take a call. That’s when he had the idea of a headphone that could seamlessly switch from music to calls and looked good at the same time. That was the start of Skullcandy. We’re sure that making Skullcandy wireless was not far along the line either. Now, Skullcandy India boasts a following that even reputed giants in the field would be envious of, in India and elsewhere.
Skullcandy is all about sports, music, youth culture, art, film, and fashion. It prides itself in being a lifestyle brand. The wide array of colour and style options in Skullcandy earbuds and headphones look and feel flamboyant. The Skullcandy Crusher, now in its wireless avatar enjoys being a popular favourite. Skullcandy wireless earphones like the Skullcandy Indy have even entered the true wireless earbuds party with a bang, the iconic skull logo notwithstanding. Besides the true wireless variant, Skullcandy Bluetooth earphones are available in variants that keep true to the brand’s USP. Lastly, in keeping with their badass appeal, the sound is bass-heavy, fun and best suited to genres like Hip-Hop, Rap, R&B, EDM, Rock and Pop.


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