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iFi Audio

iFi Audio - micro iDSD Black Label

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This payment method is currently only available for customers using credit cards issued by Kotak, Axis, ICICI, IndusInd, HDFC & HSBC Banks.

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iFi Audio is a specialist audio company from the UK. Targeted towards the future of technology, all iFi products boast Class A analogue circuitry with no DSP and the signal stays ‘Bit Perfect’ throughout.

All iFi Digital Audio Players and its packaging are made from highly recyclable materials like aluminum, paper, and recycled plastic. The brand refuses to use harmful toxins in any of their components.

The iFi micro iDSD Black Label is the newest iFi micro flagship product that oozes with boutique parts. But don't just go by the pretty face, this advanced DAP sounds better than it looks!



    True Hi-Res Playback

    The iFi Micro iDSD Black Label is capable of true Hi-Res playback like its predecessor. This means it's capable of native playback of all music formats from basic MP3, all the way up to 512DSD/768PCM/2xDXD.





    Burr-Brown Chipset x 2

    The Micro iDSD BL uses dual Burr Brown DAC Chips, dedicated to each channel separately. The chip used is one of the last models produced independently by Burr Brown Japan after having merged with Texas Instruments. It is considered as their "swansong" and is seemingly unrivalled in musicality. 



    3D+® and XBass+®

    The Micro iDSD BL uses the latest iteration of iFi's 3D+ and XBass+ technology. Consider them as magic soundstage setting and magic bass setting. 3D+ allows you to improve soundstage and add a holographic effect and the XBass+ setting allows you to make the bass tighter and deeper. All this with some flicks of a switch.






    iFi uses Premium Custom Op-Amps, the OV 2627 and OV 2628. OV stands for Operationverstärker, which is German for Operational Amplifier, or Op-Amp. These Op-Amp IC's use HCOFC copper lead-frames and 4N Gold bond-wire which are considerably better than mainstream commercial chips which use lower grade materials.

    Such chips are rarely used are they require an entire custom configuration for manufacturing and can't be made out of regular wafers, used for making mainstream chips. Which goes to show the attention to detail that iFi has put into making the iDSD Black Label. 



    Sanyo OSCONs are go

    Sanyo's OS-CONS are some of the highest quality capacitors available on the market. Originally designed and manufactured by Sanyo, now by Panasonic. The Micro iDSD Black Label is the first product <$1,000 to use these capacitors.



    Turbo-charge headphones

    The Micro iDSD Black Label comes with three power modes, Eco, Normal and Turbo. This allows the iDSD to sound clean with incredibly sensitive Balanced Armature IEMs(when the internal iEMatch is turned on) and can power inefficient Planars with ease on Turbo. 

    Intelligent In/Out SPDIF Digital Optical/Coax

    The Micro iDSD Black Label has an SPDIF In/Out socket for some added flexibility. If you feel like your DAP isn't enough, you can simply use it as a transport in conjunction with the iDSD BL, by simply using the SPDIF socket. And when you're home, you can use it with your home system with the SPDIF output. 




    Battery for music on-the-go

    The iDSD BL has a built in battery pack for portability, allowing it to rock on easily for 6-12 hours(depending on power mode). You can also use it to completely charge your phone when in need.


  • Specifications

  • One Year 

    Authorized Service Partner: Headphone Zone

    Manufacturer's Warranty covers only manufacturing defects. To claim warranty, please maintain a copy of your invoice and Contact Headphone Zone.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Black magic!!!!!

These are simply awesome at this price point. The sound signature is superb, no wonder its a Class-A Amp!!!!. People are calling this as a "chord killer".... "pocket rocket".... & I would say why not :). With BL you can drive any set of headphones no matter how power hungry they are. For my LCD-X, the normal mode12'o clock is enough loud. The x-bass & 3D+ are addictive, my LCD-X literally shakes to some of the bass heavy & sub-woofer test tracks. These features shines best when used in a home theater system, I use with my Bose & then movies watching experience goes to cloud 9. The BLs are quit portable & can serve as a power bank also. All-in all, its magical experience listening to music with these. Higher the source quality, better the BL performs.

A Premium Experience

This a premium audio device and that becomes clear the first time you plugin your headphones.
The DAC chips in it are better than anything i have heard before including the Sabre and AKM chips.
The DAC sounds flat accross Freq Reange. there is no emphasis on treble like on some Sabre dacs and sound more resolving that AKM chips. truly these Burr Brown chips are very premium.

The Amp is the best thing about this device. you will never feel lack of driving power with any headphones you own now or in future.
The 3 power modes are excellent. the ECO works well with low impedence iem/headphones. the NORMAL mode is great for mid level headphoes and TURBO mode is for hard to drive earphones and headphones and with the 3 sensitivity levels i never struggled to find the perfect match for the range of iem/headphones i own. my Pinnacle P1 which are notoriously insensitive. they opened up on the normal mode with sensitivity turned off. their sibilance vanished but the sparkle in treble remained. theie inherent lack of bass was taken care of by the BASS+
HE400i sounded much wider and richer on the turbo mode and k712pro shone with excellent bass and treble response.
i am not a fan of crossfeed so i dont use 3D+ but its an excellent feature to have for people who like speaker sound from headphones.

the only downside is the lack of switchable RCA line/pre out. it would have been better if we could activate or deactivate the RCA by detaching or attaching the headphones.

I buy all of my audio gear from HEADPHONE ZONE because of their fair pricing and professional staff. I dont trust any other site like i trust HEADPHONE ZONE.