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Replaceable MMCX

The unique dynamic driver design gives a fabulous detailing and a punchy bass, so even if other IEMs have a gazillion BA drivers, these still come out on top. But the real reason I love them is the fantastic build quality. It's literally built like a tank


Headphone Guru Info

About Raghav Somani

Raghav Somani is the Founder & CEO of Headphone Zone. An avid audiophile and musician since 2008, his choice of headphones include STAX Electrostats, Audeze LCD 3, and for music on the go, the JH Audio Roxanne + Astell&Kern SP1000 is never too far away. On his playlist, you'll find A.R. Rahman, Michael Jackson, and the Eagles.



With the aim of providing entry-level audiophiles with a solidly built and great value IEM that can fit just about any lifestyle comes the Meze Rai Solo. Get ready for an audio experience that's meant to enchant your senses. It has a fun-neutral and well-controlled sound.



Traditional electrodynamic drivers have a voice coil whose lead wires are glued to the back of the membrane. This causes unbalanced vibration. The new UPM driver, used in the Rai Solo, does away with wires and instead, has an electrically conductive membrane. This results in a symmetric pistonic motion and eliminates the disturbance created by wires. Enjoy a low total harmonic distortion, crystal-clear mids and superb bass reproduction.



The Rai Solo's housings feature a similar shape to the Rai Penta. It uses Metal Injection Moulding technology for a highly accurate and complex inner shape. Being super-rigid, stainless steel is perfect for delivering sound with low resonance and minimum interference. This results in a clean and dark background with well-defined imaging. The steel chassis has also been designed to dampen vibrations from the driver unit.



Connect your Rai Solo however you'd like. Use the industry-standard MMCX sockets to upgrade to a premium cable from the existing 1.3m silver-plated cable. The high sensitivity and low impedance allow it to work effortlessly with just any and every source, including your phone.

Headphone Zone Meze Rai Solo


Meze has designed the Rai Solo's housings to be durable, comfortable and easy to use. The rounded edges are designed to mimic the natural curves of the human ear for a more secure and comfortable fit. The machined nozzle is colour-coded so that you can always correctly identify between right and left. The stainless steel surface is hand-brushed by craftsmen for that added shine and glow.



DRIVERS 9.2mm UPM dynamic driver
SPL 105±3dB at 1mW/1kHz
DISTORTION <1% at 1mW/1kHz
CABLE MMCX connector ending in 3.5mm
BOX CONTENTS 1. Meze - Rai Solo Earphones
2. Hard Case: protective EVA case with Meze Audio metal logo
3. 3 pairs of soft silicone eartips S, M, L
4. 1.3m MMCX braided cables made of silver plated copper custom wires ending in high quality 3.5mm
5. 3 double flanged eartips S, M, L
6. 2 deep insertion double flanged eartips M, L



Meze - Rai Solo vs competitors
Meze - Rai Solo Meze - Rai Solo vs competitors

Audeze - iSine10vs competitors
Audeze - iSine10 Audeze - iSine10 vs competitors

O Bravo - Cupid (Prime)vs competitors
oBravo - Cupid (Prime) O Bravo - Cupid (Prime) vs competitors

Campfire Audio - IOvs competitors
Campfire Audio - IO Campfire Audio - IO vs competitors

Sound Signature
Warm & Smooth
Driver Type Dynamic Planar Magnetic Hybrid Balanced Armature
Driver Config 1 x DD 1 x PM 1 x DD
1 x PM
2 x BA
Sensitivity 105dB 110dB 105dB 109dB
Impedance 16 ohms 16 Ohms 16 ohms 26 ohms
Detachable Cable
Connector MMCX 2-pin MMCX MMCX
In The Box Meze - Rai Solo Earphones
Hard Case
3 Pairs Of Soft Silicone Eartips S, M, L
1.3m MMCX Braided Cable
3 Double Flanged Eartips S, M, L
2 Deep Insertion Double Flanged Eartips M, L
Audeze ISine10 In-Ear Earphones
Certificate Of Authenticity
User Guide
1.5m Audio Cable
1/8” Stereo Plug Input To 2-Pin Plug Output
OBravo - Cupid Earphone
Gold Plated OCC Copper 2.5mm Balanced Cable
3.5mm Adapter Silicon Tips
Comply Form Tips
Campfire Audio-IO Earphones
Final Audio Tips (Xs/S/M/L/Xl)
Campfire Audio Marshmallow Tips (S/M/L)
Silicon Earphone Tips (S/M/L)
Campfire Audio Lapel Pin
Warranty Card
Cleaning Tool
Expert Verdict "The Meze Rai Solo will be the best sounding for most people. It’s easier to listen to for longer periods and it’s the most comfortable to wear for those long periods."
Dark Audio
"It is a fun musical and very spacious sounding experience that I really find hard to compare to much else out there. At $399 these are a bit of a steal."

"The IO reminds me of the Atlas. Not that they have a similar tuning but rather the bold focus by brand on developing a tuning that goes in a very specific direction than generalize to the masses."


Warranty & Media Reviews

2 Year Warranty

Don't sweat it, this Meze Rai Solo comes with a 2 year warranty from Meze that covers manufacturing defects. All products featured on Headphone Zone are backed by an original manufacturer's warranty.

Read more about Meze's warranty in India.



VGP Lifestyle Award
May, 2020



July, 2019


Applause Award Winner

Dec, 2019


Audio & Vision Award

Audio & Vision
Dec, 2019


"The Meze Rai Solo will be the best sounding for most people. It’s easier to listen to for longer periods and it’s the most comfortable to wear for those long periods."

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"With a good, relatively punchy low end and emotive highs, this slightly v-shaped (but still balanced) sound will work wonders for most folks’ listening tastes."

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"Rai Solo is well off. Excellent sound performance, exemplary tuning, we have here a gadget halfway between a nomadic companion and hi-fi musical listening."

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"Underneath that subtly polished steel lies a forward, energetic sonic signature that will ultimately prove controversial for some, yet may feel like ‘nirvana’ for others."

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Audio 123

"The Meze Rai Solo will be the best sounding for most people. It’s easier to listen to for longer periods and it’s the most comfortable to wear for those long periods."

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Audio 46

"The Meze Rai Solo checks some boxes harder than others. If you’re someone like me that enjoys looking at the brighter side of sound, these are your champions."

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"If you’re in the market for an IEM that’s a little bit fancy yet you don’t want to break the bank then this superb value design could well be the candidate for you."

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Head - Fi

"The solo is a clear and energetic IEM especially out of a powerful and neutral source like the Lotto PAW Gold Touch. It responds very well to EQ and in my opinion will shine with warmer sources."

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Mitosh Mora (Mumbai)
Best Fun Accuracy with impeccable quality

After using RHA 750i for almost 4 years, the Rai Solo are my first IEMs. Being a newbie in the IEMs world, I would like to give a big shoutout for Raghav to help me pick the best IEMs for my taste of music.
Talking about quality, they are of the best gorgeous lookin IEMs I've ever seen... Meze stands for quality and it can be seen distinguishably in the Rai Solo.. From the braided cable to the monitors, the whole package is beauty with quality..

When it comes to sound, I've burned them with Pink Noise for quite a while with the interval of 5 hours (taking care of the diaphragm). And I gotta say, the sounds have become sharper and more accurate.. its like Dr. Albert Hoffman sitting in your ears..

The bass is not too thumpy but yet prominent, being a core psychedelic music listener. Bass was never my forte, but the Rai Solo does a good job in delivering the bass (accurately) as much as its needed...
The highs and mids are fun and accurate. Every minute details is heard and cannot be missed... listening to instruments gives a serious eargasm ;) im writing this reviews sans any amp or dac, just using directly on iphone and imac... Im sure a dac will be an incredible difference and bring out more fun from these monitors..

Overall the Rai Solo are really a fun IEMs if you into serious fun music like psychedelic, classic, rock, etc . They are super comfortable.. the leather case is gorgeous.. overall they are best IEMs in the given price range and the discount...

A big shoutout for Raghav and his incredible team in Headphone Zone!!!

Thank you so much for sharing such an elaborate review with us!

Nathan (Chennai)
One Man Army -Tough fighting arena

Package:Simple yet good
+ leather zipper case is Star of the show, Earpiece is hero of all | - Ear tips don’t have wide range of sizes & selection; is not for everyone, No foam tips, No cleaning tool, Replaceable Wax guard is a glaring miss, Pull tab of Zipper felt cheap (refer campfire)
Presentation:Too Simple yet good
+ Hard cardboard box with leather like texture & a window (of opportunity) | - No string bag (to protect these shiny buds from scratch by on its own), Ear tips presented in a see thru Ziplock is very simple, its not like in Rai penta or not as in campfire presentation.
Build quality
Earpiece: Exceptional
+ Metal construction, Fit & Finish, compact, weight in ear | - Net type Wax guard looks not so premium (durability is unknown), wide bore makes tough in changing the aftermarket tips, weight in hand
Cable: Simply Fair
+ Cable is thin & light weight | - Memory wire hook is a big downer, Braiding remains me of KZ (from jack to Y split), discoloration is highly possible
Terminations: Simple yet good
+ 3.5mm is of a Good Construction | - No 2.5mm cable, MMCX connecting earpiece is not tight it is shaking a lot (other cables didn’t have this issue when swapped)
Fit: Simply Great
+ Excellent Fit, No irritation or pain | - Memory wire hinders with your spectacles, Poor isolation if the bud is not of rite size (only one stock bud variant fitted me (single flange L size) which had good isolation nothing to complain on that, rest all didn’t fitted me its either lose or poor isolation)
Drivability: Simply Good
+ Easy to drive but volume is device based (AMP would be a welcome addition either of pocket, portable & desktop), Very suitable for casual listening of quality songs | - Nothing to say
Sound (2hrs of listening + 50hrs of burn-in - Burn-in is highly recommended for this IEM & atleast it requires 30 - 40hrs)
Bass: Controlled
+ Bass has impact, control, (somewhat flat, after burn it got) smooth & has a wet texture, sub bass is good| - Image of kick drum could be better, Sub bass is very slightly on leaner side
Vocal/Mid: Forward
+ Forward staged, Clarity, | - Vocal sits back in the track compared to lows & highs (still it has clarity, not a midrange hero as like IO)
Highs & Treble: Mildly - Energetic
+ Bright, Clarity, after burn-in it felts slightly emphasized cos of bass & mid not prominent, No hiss noise, No sibilance | - There seems to be a roll off or ceiling when the vocal reaches the top
Soundstage: Unique tuning
+ Intimate sounding, forward stage, Good width & Minimal depth | - Less on space, No height, limited 3D experience
+ On par layering & Left / Right channeling (typical DD thing) | - Being a single driver nothing to complain
Price is slightly on costlier side considering the package & spec, else quite good for the design, sound & effort

Sound impression of 2.5mm:
Bass is the strongest point irrespective of cable type, but slightly dry in 2.5mm compared to the wetness of 3.5mm, this dryness helped to see the kick drum image better. Sub bass is good in both the cables, with slightly less prominent in 2.5mm.
Mid & vocal got thick, strings are sweet & better now. Vocal is very forward & crisp in 2.5mm compared to 3.5mm & it is Intimate in both the cables. Vocal has better extension with 2.5mm compared to the ceiling (or narrow) like thing of 3.5mm.
Highs & treble have not lost or gained much in this transition, but they are as good as it was. Detail is somewhat good & its more or less same in 3.5mm & 2.5mm, saying this cymbal, hat & string scratch are beautiful to hear. The decay of cymbal is very good, its not fast & lost. The slight Brightness nature of 3.5mm hasn’t changed in 2.5mm.
The slight V signature of 3.5mm is somewhat became warm with 2.5mm, the bass become somewhat dry. When 2.5mm is used the slight narrowness tuning is evident compared to the 3.5mm where it is not that easy to say. Inside head hasn’t changed much. space is better in 2.5mm than 3.5mm. Still not spacious. Layering is slightly improved with 2.5mm which was on par in 3.5mm, still can’t say the best. Width is good in both the cables, Mild depth found in 3.5mm has improved with 2.5mm. This is not a power hungry as per spec sheet but still it requires a good DAC/AMP due to the smidgen less SPL, the brightness of this IEM lies with increase in volume. This IEM covers most of the Genre, this is better used for casual listening, which is good at it, rather than for critical listening. Cable rolling is very necessary.

Overall: This is a nice pair of IEM which should be owned for every music by everyone.

Headphone zone is once again phenomenal on customer support, they have brought back the discount which is really a very good customer service (even though its dearer by 1000rs compared to previous discount).

One request is to not print the item & its value details on top of the packa...

viral Jasubhai (Ahmedabad)
Sound is not justified by price

Meze sound signature is missing in this product. It's comfortable and well built but you can get a lot more options with better sound at lower price

Design and Comfort:
Sound Quality:
Value for Money:
अपनी मूल्य सीमा के अंतर्गत सबसे उम्दा कर्ण संवाद यंत्र

मैं विगत 8 वर्षो से हेडफोन जोन का ग्राहक हूं। इससे पहले मैंने RHA 750I व RHA T20i का उपयोग किया था जिसकी निर्माण गुणवत्ता सर्वश्रेष्ठ थी। यद्यपि इस यंत्र की ध्वनि भी काफी संतुलित व मंद्र सीमा असरदार है। मुख्यतः मैं संगीत हेतु अपने फोन का प्रयोग करता हु जिसमे मैं यू ऐस बी सी - प्रकार से 3.5 मी. मी. अंतराफलक का प्रयोग करता हु।

हेडफोन जोन के समस्त समूह को मेरा धन्यवाद!!!!

Joel Johny (Ahmedabad)
Design and Comfort:
Sound Quality:
Value for Money:
Great sound, but definitely not worth the price

Before I begin, these require some serious burn in to sound good, If you were like me who believed burn in is a myth then this will change your opinion.

As far as sound they are great, but for 13k there are chifi options that sound as good. Don’t go for the glorified reviews that people post to validate their purchases in this site. (There is even a review in here that says “They are like Harbeth speakers in your pocket”, those are the same words taken from the review of Meze Rai PENTA by Darko Audio.)

I owned Moondrop Arias before, the Meze Rai Solo is better but definitely not two times better considering the price.
The Aria is smoother, warmer, relaxed and has better vocal presentation and tonality than the Meze Rai Solo.
The Rai Solo on the other hand is brighter, detailed, more analytical, has better imaging and a more rounded stage. It is good but the music sounds sterile and a bit lifeless.
The Aria was much more musical and versatile and I miss those.

I have tried the meze with Shanling UP4, Sony NW A55 and with the Apple dongle and the results are the same.

Honestly if there was a return option like in foreign markets I would have returned these, they are great but not worth the price as there are better and cheaper options available.

Please don’t go by the reviews people post at e-commerce sites instead ask the YouTube reviewers in the comments or post a query on Reddit headphone advice.
Most importantly expensive doesn’t always mean better, I have learnt this the hard way.

Pritish Sahoo (Bengaluru)
Warm and Thick Sound

These IEMs are made for laid-back listening. Slightly shelving the lower-ends higher than the rest of the spectrum. They resonate well to EQ and synergize well with my Schiit Magni and Xduoo XD-05 Basic. They lack that treble energy and airiness to instruments, but they are not trying to be a pair of analytical earphones with cutting-edge detail retrieval. They are your Sunday morning IEMs that you enjoy with your coffee. They are built well. You can change the sonic signature w/ the ear tips - I found Azla XelasTec to improve my treble energy. The cable is flimsy, an anti-thesis to the IEM itself - which is built like an M1 Abrams with Reactive Armor. I am using a Tripowin Zonie MMCX 4.4 mm Cable and they synerzise well. The packing is top-of-the-line and contents are numerable. I desire a more natural tone, while Meze offers a Dark, Thick tone - not exactly my thing but I enjoy these pair with a slight EQ.

D.B. (Delhi)
Amazing sound with some conditions.

Know that most of your money is going into those two small sexy looking, brushed stainless steel earpieces. And they sounds amazing as long as you have some something good to drive them.
They sounds great on my laptop, better than anything else I've even owned or listened to yet.
They sounds less great on my phone, still better than most other headphones I've tried, BUT there is a big difference from the output I get from my laptop. The inbuilt DAC on my cheap phone drops the ball, the one on my laptop is a lot better. (Still not the greatest.)

You'll be spending 16k on one link in the chain of your audio experience, this one link will be strong, but if the other links are bad your experience will suffer.
The sound source you choose is an important link. If you don't have something good, or something with only type C connection (like my tablet) - you will need to make another purchase, a type C DAC. It will improve your experience very significantly, but they're not exactly cheap so it's something to keep in mind.
Another draw back is the cable on this. It seems like a very small percentage of the total cost went into making the cable for this. They're flimsy and I'm scared of snapping them. Good MMCX cables don't come cheap either, something to keep in mind yet again. It's like buying an expensive car, the costs don't finish at the cost of the car. It chugs more fuel, parts are more expensive and service is expensive. If you can afford it, you'll never want to go back to the cheaper Alto again, in this case, cheaper headphones/earphones.

The packaging was good, the case looks hot, and if you're walking down the streets (whenever that happens) wearing these in your ears, you're bound to get attention, they look great.
If you have money to buy these, and then some more money to buy a good DAC, you're in for an amazing experience no matter the genre of music you listen to. I myself have suddenly started listening to a lot of hip hop now because my the bass these push into my ears give me tickles. Mind you, I come from ATH M40x and value the clarity on mids and high for my rock playlist over thumpy overpowering bass any day, but these delivery great low freq with great mid and high freq too.

Hey Divyansh, thanks for this amazing feedback! We really appreciate your time and efforts! This will surely help others while considering this for their next purchase.

Ujjwal Thaakar (Ahmedabad)
Design and Comfort:
Sound Quality:
Value for Money:
Beyond anything you can ask for

While a lot of people here are audiophiles, for someone like me who's never bothered to look at headphones, these are a revelation. After much discussion, deliberation and research I decided to go with these because of their sound quality, build quality and overall aesthetics of Meze. Aesthetics are important to me. I'll be honest, these don't sound very great off the bat. Luckily I knew this from my research and did not panic. I've been using them for close to 7 weeks now and I can tell that they improve significantly around the 4 week mark. The bass is amazing even though they aren't for bassheads and string instruments just sound out of this world. I'm not an audiophile and this review is meant for people who're on the edge of making their first serious purchase. Go fo these. For me these are endgame material even though I know there are serious upgrades possible. Overall these are just beautiful to look at, listen to and own. Meze in my opinion is like the Apple of the audio world. High quality products with timeless designs and very well thought out design choices using premium materials and high quality engineering.

HI Ujjwal,
So glad you are loving your purchase, hope it was a comfortable shopping experience. Cheers & Thank you for the awesome reviews!

Antony John Charles S (Chennai)
Great Build.

Good sound. No much of Bass. Thanks to Meze & Headphone zone for bring out Black Friday / Cyber Monday Offer.

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Sreekesh V

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Yaseen Samudri

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Reagan Lyngdoh

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Mohit Tannu

"Awesome experience. I am so so happy and my bf loved the earphones a lot and it was his pre birthday gift. Thank you for the great service as well."

Jennifer Yonzon

"Probably one of the best experience I have had right from buying till getting a item serviced. I don't think I have had such a smooth experience with an online shopping website. This is where your search ends."

Rima Patel

"Loved the customer support shown by Headphone Zone's team. They are all willing to help and clear your doubts. I can only say that there is no need to worry. Order you dream audio tech RIGHT NOW!"

Rajat Kaushal

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