Top 10 Headphones

What is Music, without a pair of good headphones? So here it is. The most popular, best selling and top reviewed headphones and earphones available today in the country. Presenting to you the best 10 headphones that will suit your likes best. Wondering which are the best ever? Discover the best headphones on the planet here

1. Audeze - Sine with Cipher Lightning Cable

The Audeze Sine is the world's first on-ear planar magnetic headphone. It is a revolution in the world of sound. In a bold black colour it boasts of a swanky look.
Instead of using ordinary dynamic drivers, Audeze uses planar technology that produces sound that’s punchy, dynamic, and detailed. The 80 x 70mm planar magnetic driver has more than 3x the surface area of any on-ear headphone in its class for better bass and dynamics.
The portability of an on-ear combined with the detailed sound from planar magnets with a lightning port connection make the Sine a dream headphone, almost too good to be true.


MRP Rs. 39,990/-

2. V-MODA - Crossfade Wireless

"Our best sounding analog wired over-ear yet... that also has a wireless mode" - Val Kolton CEO of V-MODA. The Crossfade Wireless has been precisely engineered to keep the iconic V-MODA materials and shapes while going wireless. V-MODA has improved the renowned Crossfade M-100 signature sound for virtually identical wired and wireless playback. Like all of V-MODA’s headphones, one is bound to fancy the Crossfade Wireless for its good looks. One glance at these, and one is assured of its sturdiness.
With 12 hours of battery life, one can be good to go for quite a while. Bass lovers & EDM Music listeners are in for a treat. Although it is versatile enough to sound good with all music genres.


MRP Rs. 24,990/-

3. RHA - T20i

The highly anticipated T20i is Scottish Headphone Manufacturer, RHA's flagship offering. The brand has come to be known worldwide as the ' Aston Martin of Headphones',for their tremendous attention to detail and use of premium materials. Built of a body made of injected moulded steel, it screams durability.
A cool perk is that the RHA T20i comes with tuning filters of bass, treble and reference that enables one to tweak their sound signature. For times when one would want to drown deep into their music, the RHA T20i ensures complete noise isolation. With an astounding build quality and a sound signature that can be tuned for every taste, the T20i is gimmick that truly works.


MRP Rs. 19,999/-

4. Meze - 99 Classics

The Meze 99 Classics promises to deliver perfect natural sound that the pickiest of audiophiles will love.
These beautifully crafted over-ear headphones offer a choice between walnut wood and maple wood earcups with soft earpads, and a spring steel headband that make the 99 Classics an heirloom rather than just a pair of headphones.
Each 99 Classics has its own exclusive design, since each wood grain is as unique as your fingerprints.
The wooden ear-cup of the 99 Classics is precision carved on a CNC machine and then hand finished and polished. Each headphone takes about 45 days to achieve perfection.
Fully serviceable and built to last for generations, these headphones have no plastic that you can touch and feel.


Rs. 24,999/-

5. AudioQuest - NightHawk

AudioQuest’s Semi-Open NightHawk headphones are a piece of art. There’s a lot to admire about the way these have been made, the way these sound, and the way these look.
NightHawk Combines advanced manufacturing techniques, innovative driver technologies, sophisticated ergonomic elements, and sustainable materials in an elegant and attractive package.The driver contributes significantly to the headphones’ well-controlled bass, rich midrange, and naturally extended highs.
What we love about the NightHawk is their heavily loudspeaker inspired design that beat most other innovative headphone technologies like that of more expensive Mylar driver headphones.


Rs. 42,000/-

6. DUNU - DN-2000J

DUNU is a headphone company that originated from Taiwan. It has evolved at a very fast pace over the years with its exemplary earphones.The Dunu - DN-2000J is the latest generation of high-fidelity and high-quality dual balanced armature and single dynamic hybrid in-ear monitor that has been developed to provide the full range of sound across the entire frequency spectrum. These IEMs come with a wide selection of silicone and Comply Foam eartips along with a premium hard carry case.
The low impedance allows for the DN-2000J to be used with most devices. Seeking extreme detail in sound? These earphones do the job, and they do it oh so well.


MRP Rs. 26,990/-

7. JAYS - a-Jays Five

JAYS, a specialist earphone brand from Sweden, makes the world’s most elegant mobile headsets. JAYS has innovated the ultimate solution for smartphones with their intuitive design on the a-JAYS Five, which is highly evident at first glance. From custom drivers, durable aluminium and flat cables made of thermoplastic materials, one can tell that these are precisely engineered for durability.
The a-JAYS Five combines a premium audio experience that one would love with a design for both style and comfort. The a-JAYS Five is capable of efficiently reproducing music of all genres. The smart charcoal black color or pure white set along with the hard carry case will make you fall in love with these beauties.


Rs. 4,999/- MRP Rs. 6,999/-


HiFiMAN's HE400i is a high quality, full sized open-back planar magnetic headphone that has been designed for critical listening and monitoring at home or on the studio. It comes with a suspended headband that makes it lightweight, however this feature does not compromise on its solid build quality. The new generation of the HE400 comes with greatly improved sensitivity and reduction in weight.
The HE400i features a single ended planar magnetic driver for a wider soundstage and spatial imaging. It reproduces a smooth and velvety sound with a well defined low-end.The overall feel of the headphone is very luxurious. A great pair to listen to while at home, the HE400i would really shine with a high-res music player and amplifier combo.


MRP Rs. 38,990/-

9. Beyerdynamic - DT 770 Pro

Mainly designed for critical music listening and studio monitoring, it is a very dynamic headphone in a closed back design. This ensures that one can enjoy music avoiding any external disturbance.
It rates high on the comfort level with its adjustable headband and good padding. It is styled in black and the design lends a very ‘Only business’ kind of look. What's interesting about the DT 770 Pro is that it is available in 3 different version of varying impedance or Ohms: 250, 80 and 32 respectively.
With a superb build quality, impressively wide soundstage and high attention to detail, Beyerdynamic’s DT770 Pro is a favourite of studio monitoring applications around the world.


Rs. 9,999/- MRP Rs. 14,990/-

10. Audio Technica - ATH-M50x

The Audio Technica ATH-M50x is the latest revision of a legendary headphone, and with this iteration, their position in the pantheon of all-time great headphones is permanently secure.
The M50x come with excellent cushion ear cups and are extremely comfortable. They’ve managed to create a headphone with the flattest response – one that only very slightly alters the original track. With a simple plastic build, it comes with the added feature of a detachable cable.
One of the most critically acclaimed professional monitoring headphones in the world, the ATH-M50x delivers accurate audio and outstanding comfort, perfect for long sessions in the studio and on the go.


Rs. 10,699/- MRP Rs. 13,499/-