Buying Guide: The Best Mobile Headsets Under Rs. 1500

by Sheena Ribeiro July 26, 2016

For The Confused Indian Buyer: Here Are The Best Mobile Headsets under Under Rs. 1500

In today’s time and hour, smartphones have become a part of our lives. Although most smartphones come along with a pair of earphones or headsets, these do not even match the capabilities of a half decent pair of earphones. So, here is a list of inexpensive headsets that will substitute for your stock earphones and will serve the purpose for a while, if not too long.

What to Expect in this Category?
  • Sound Quality : Sound will definitely not be of great quality. However, what you can expect is, exceptional trumped up bass.  
  • Form Factor: Most headsets come in an in-ear form, which are generally accepted as comfortable to wear. Ear tips are included in most packages.
  • Build Quality: Good durable headsets are not something you can get at this price range, most of these headsets come in a plastic build. They are available in a variety of fancy looking colours and designs. They may or may not appeal to all.
  • Remote and Microphone: All the earphones in this list come with a remote and microphone feature meant to be used with most smartphones.  

This list has been compiled with the help of users as well as our in-house experts.

In no particular order, here we go!


Good upgrade to the existing  ATH-COR150

Audio-Technica is one of the top selling audio brands in the world. It originated in Japan and has only gone on to push expectations with its innovative technology.

The ATH-COR150IS by Audio-Technica is evidently an upgrade to the brand's very popular  ATH-COR150. Apart from its added mic and remote feature, Audio-Technica hasn’t made any technical changes of note to these headsets.

Lets talk about the design, the ATH-COR150IS can be worn in two ways, you can eitheruse them in as traditional in-ears  or in a more comfortable over the ear style. This is possible, thanks to the plastic earhooks that come along with the package. The snap-on ear hooks allow for better stay in-place comfort. These headsets will be perfect for runners or fitness freaks seeking a secure fit. However, the snap-on ear style may not suit all ear sizes, lending an uncomfortable experience. The headsets do come with three sizes of ear tips, so you can customise your most comfortable fit.

The cords tend to look weak, but come in a standard durable plastic build. Unlike the  ATH-COR150, the  ATH-COR150IS does not come with a cord winder, this makes cord management a difficult task.

The ATH-COR150IS comes with an in-line mic and remote. This feature lets you control your music, while also answer calls, letting you enjoy a hands-free experience.

The ATH-COR150IS comes in different bright colours, however, some people may find them to be too flashy. The darker colours seem like a better choice. 

When it comes to the sound, the ATH-COR150IS is enabled with 8.5 mm drivers. It is bass heavy and produces clear sound. They are capable of producing sound suitable for EDM, POP and other such music genres. 

Noise isolation is decent enough. The included Comply™ Foam Tipswill further effectively enhance the quality of your audio output.

Audio-Technica's COR150iS comes with a  One year warranty .

Heavy bass and clear sound
In-line mic and remote
Cheap looking build quality


Our Verdict:
If you listen to music while working out or running then the The ATH-COR150IS is a deal for you.


2.  JBL - T200A

Good looks and JBL "PUREBASS" performance

JBL is known for bringing to us earphones and headphones that are highly stylish while also being extremely comfortable. The T200A is an in-ear designed headset that promises professional audio.

The T200A comes with an in-line mic and remote. This enables you to answer calls and switch between music tracks when connected to your smartphone making your task simple and convenient. However, the drawback here is that the mic is located too close to the ear buds. This may pose as a hindrance to your comfortable music listening experience.

When it comes to design, JBL T200A rates high on aesthetic appeal. They sport a  bold look as compared to any other headset in this list.

The cables are thin, and come with a risk of breakage. They are also highly tangle-prone.

JBL T200A has come to be known for its  "PUREBASS" performance. The headsets are fitted with 9 mm drivers. Thus, it produces heavy powerful and clear bass beats. The frequency response of the JBL T200A is extended thus making the bass on these headsets more pronounced.

The headsets come with included three pairs of latex free silicon sleeves in three different sizes namely: small, medium and large. You can choose the one that lends your ears most comfort, for an enhanced audio experience.

JBL T200A comes with a One year warranty


Stylish looks
"PUREBASS" performance
3 sized latex free silicon
Weak cables


Our Verdict:
If you are looking for a set of headsets with a heavy bass and a good aesthetic appeal then you can go for the JBL T200A.



Vibrant looking fun sounding headsets.

Skullscandy’s vibrant colours and out of the box designs has made this brand a favourite among many. Skullcandy’s Smokin' Buds 2 w/ Mic is an upgrade to the brands very popular Smoking buds series.

The Headsets flaunt a very impressive design and appearance. The semi-transparent case lends the Smokin’ Buds 2 a very exclusive look. It enables you to witness your music drivers while they are at work. These headsets are available in a wide range of eye catching designs and colours, so you can choose the one that suits your taste the best.

When it comes to the build, like most headsets in this rage, the Smokin' Buds 2 too comes in a very basic plastic build. However, the body looks quite durable, such that it will last for quite a while. It also claims effective sweat resistance, a feature that comes as a boon at this price point.

The flat shaped cables are tough and tangle free adding a nice feature to this pair.

As its name suggest, the Smokin' Buds 2 comes with a universal microphone and remote. This ensures that you answer calls and control your music functions with ease.

Noise is isolation is attenuated with its oval port, which is angled to give you the best fit. For further comfort, two pairs of silicon ear tips also come included in the package.

Let’s talk about the sound. The Smokin Buds 2 produces very good thumping bass with the perfect effects. The mids and highs stand out unaffected by the bass. However, the headsets lacks in clarity and detailed audio. Overall, these headsets produce a more fun and enthusiastic sound that will make you tap your feet.

Skullcandy - Smokin' Buds 2 w/ Mic comes with a One year warranty.


Stylish build
Flat tangle free cables
Sweat resistant
Lacks clarity and detail
No carry case


Our Verdict:
A worthy, stylish pair of headsets that you can gift yourself.


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4.  SONY - MDR-EX150AP

Light weight. Metallic Colours

The MDR-EX150AP from Sony is an upgrade to the existing MDR-EX150. The only point of difference in this model is the added mic and remote.

The design of these headsets is something that makes the MDR-EX150AP very popular. They come in different attractive metallic colours. The metallic finish gives it a cool look. These headsets are extremely lightweight; so you can easily carry them when travelling or on the move.

The cables are extremely thin, making you fear breakage if they happen to get snapped or tugged at.

The earphones are enabled with a 9 mm high sensitivity driver; this produces clear and crisp sound. The bass is powerful; however it could be much better. 

Noise-isolation is decent, nothing to write home about. The package however, comes with four multiple hybrid silicon eartips for a comfortable and secure fit.

Overall, these headsets can substitute for your stock earphones in a pinch. If you are looking for a set of headsets that look cool and come from Sony, then these headsets may appeal to you.

Sony MDR-EX150AP comes with a One year warranty.


Stylish metallic colours
Different sized hybrid silicon eartips

Bass could be better
Weak cables


Our Verdict:
If you’re looking for headsets that are conveniently portable and come from the Sony brand, then these headsets are for you.


These were the best 4 headsets that come under Rs.1500. Although there are other headsets that come in this budget, these are the ones that we found are most Value-for-money. Hope this will help you choose the headset that is most suitable for yourself. 

What are your favourite headphones in this range? Do let us know in the comments below!

If you'd like to learn more,  #AskHeadphoneZone!


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