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Shanling - UA2 Plus Portable Balanced DAC & Amp Sale price₹ 6,999 Regular price₹ 8,999
EarMen - Colibri Portable DAC And Amp Sale price₹ 16,999 Regular price₹ 19,999
Shanling - H2 Balanced Portable DAC & Amp Sale price₹ 12,999 Regular price₹ 19,999
Shanling - H5 Balanced Portable DAC & Amp Sale price₹ 29,999 Regular price₹ 39,999
Shanling - H7 Flagship Hi-Res USB DAC & Amp Sale price₹ 64,999 Regular price₹ 82,999
Cayin - RU6 Portable R-2R DAC & Amp Sale price₹ 15,999 Regular price₹ 24,999
Cayin - RU7 Portable Discrete 1-Bit DAC & Amp Sale priceFrom ₹ 24,999 Regular price₹ 28,999
FiiO - KA5 Portable USB DAC & Amp Sale price₹ 10,999 Regular price₹ 12,999
Hidizs - S9 Pro Plus Martha Portable Balanced DAC & Amp Sale price₹ 7,499 Regular price₹ 9,999

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