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About the Artist

Progressive. Funk. Rock. Disco. Jazz. Latin. Ambient. A choice blend of all these and more, The Doppler Effect is an aural treat that will leave you grinning, gaping and gasping all at the same time.
With a powerhouse of drummer whose head banging is as mesmerizing as his skill behind the kit, a prodigious vocalist with a soaring range, splendid vibrato and dizzying diversity, a guitarist who looks right out school but stands tall amongst his contemporaries when it comes to talent, a bassist who'll leave you in love with his 'bass face' as much as his diligent proficiency. With several originals and covers of bands like Dream Theatre, Extreme, Mr.Big, Rush, they will make your day and more!
The Doppler Effect also released its debut EP in November 2014.

"Told You So" - The Doppler Effect
"Listen closely and you'll end up understanding the individuality of the style of music used by every member, and yet it works beautifully as one style."
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What is the story behind the name 'Doppler Effect'? Because it's super catchy!

Our name was kind of a spur of the moment thing. We were called for our first gig before we had even named ourselves. When the organiser asked what we were called, I (Suyash) had to tell him that I would call him back in 5 minutes. I then called the rest of the band and we had a conference call and started brainstorming. My father at some point walked in on me yelling random words into the phone asked me what I was doing. After I told him about our situation, he thought for about 15 seconds and said "The Doppler Effect" and walked out of the room. I said it back into the receiver and our former bass player, Akshay Johar, who is a complete science geek, said it was a cool name that suited our sound and explained the concept to us. We realised the notion of the Doppler Effect was exactly what we wanted our music to be like - something that hits you and stays with you. Something that you still keep hearing or thinking about even after it's passed you. It fit and stuck ever since.

In a city obsessed with Yo Yo Honey Singh, how does sensible, good music like yours manage to survive?

I guess it's a combination of hard work from our side and a dedicated, lovely audience that keeps us in the game and makes us what do what we want to do better each day. It wouldn't be possible to do what we do if we didn't have people who liked it and encouraged us. That being said it takes dedication to keep making music without second guessing yourself. When we write music, even though there is a lot of rewriting until we reach where we want to with the song, we just make sure that what we're writing is honest. What actually does help us is our own volition. Irrespective of what is happening around the world, music is an immense intrinsic value in us. To get our music out is not difficult, though getting recognised is the tougher part. Yet, that doesn't stop us. Whether it's yo yo honey singh or someone else, at the end of the day, music really can't be defined. Not everyone would like the same music. There is a niche yet not so niche following that our music gets because people are able to relate to it. And that's really all that it's about, people being able to relate to your music.

How do you find inspiration for your music? Any interesting instance you want to share in particular?

It's hard to say we find inspiration from one place. It's really cool because the music we all listen to and our influences are so different, and yet when we write, it all just comes together. We usually just get inspired by each other I guess. We feed off what we each bring to the sound A lot, especially because it often takes us out of our individual comfort zones as musicians. Inspiration can be found anywhere and everywhere. It just depends on you and your outlook on Things in general. Having said that, it's absolutely great to work with a group of people who help you grow as an Artiste and a person.

As a band, your dream collaboration would be with which artist? And why?

There are so many wonderful artists in the world who we'd love to collaborate with. But I think as of now our biggest dream is to collaborate with a brilliant horns section. We've always wanted to have a big horns section on stage and in the studio with us.

Your dream as a band is to...

Our dream as a band is to be the most trusted artist in the scene. The one band that every other band looks up to and of course, to make songs that outlive us. But that's just nonsense we like to tell people. Our real dream is to have a massive tour bus/jet/spaceship (guess dreams should have a limit) and travel everywhere. Maybe a vehicle that doubles up as a stage, a jampad and a massive fridge. Probably play some massive stadiums. You know, The little things in life. Haha

3 most current and favourite indie acts you'd recommend to anybody.

Asking us to pick just three is tough as hell. We love way too much music in the scene. Pangea, Avial, Skrat, run its the kid, shadow and light and Grey Shack are some of our favourites. Pick any three, and you have our Answer.

Where can we watch you live next?

We're currently all in vacation mode and are in different parts of the world and should be back and gigging in no time. You can catch us live when we're up and running again, which should be in a month or so. Tune into our page And you'll find all the answers there!

Interview by Anisha Peter from Headphone Zone


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